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The times and days when the Doge's Palace is open to the pubic may occasionally due to special events taking place.

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Venice, the floating city with an ethereal ambiance of art and romance! Imagine reaching its shores from the sea as did uncountable travelers for centuries. The first sign you are approaching your destination rises from the horizon. It’s the unmistakable outline of the Doge’s Palace Tickets. Being one of the vital representative symbols of Venetian culture – along with Basilica of San Marco and the Piazzetta – it’s the city’s most famous sight.

This must-see landmark is, more often than not, hard to access. The good news is, our Doge's Palace online tickets come with a skip the line entry, so you don’t have to worry about crowds or waiting times. The Doge's Palace ticket price gives you access to the palace as well the other attractions hurdled around St Mark’s Square including Museo Correr, Museo Archeologico Nazionale and, last but not least, Monumental Rooms of the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana.


Venice is the city of love, art, and many exciting stories. The colorful houses lining the canals; traditional wooden gondolas gliding on the water under the quaint bridges; golden-red sun setting over the whimsical skyline; Venetian carnival masks peaking through the widows of the local cart shops… Venice can be all that!  

Nonetheless, the appeal comes at a price. Venice often welcomes as many as 60,000 tourists a day. If not carefully planned, what should have been a delightful holiday can quickly turn into a grumpy bundle of stress. Doge’s palace, or as Italians call it, Palazzo Ducale, is one of the top attractions in Venice and a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. No wonder, Palazzo Ducale tickets often sell out a few days in advance!

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What do we guarantee?

Reservation fees and taxes are included in the ticket price. Amazingly, the ticket is valid for 3 months since the purchase, so you don’t need to limit yourself to a particular date or time. However, since validated on your first visit, you have six days to explore the museums before the ticket expires. The cherry on top, as mentioned before, purchasing Doge’s Palace Tickets with us guarantees you a skip the line entry and option to upgrade to Doge's Palace tourNo standing in an uncomfortable queue for hours, surrounded by crowds of tourists! You will be able to bypass the lines and enjoy the history, art, and splendor of Palazzo Ducale museum full of energy and curiosity instead of tiredness and anxiety!

History Sneak Peek

For centuries, Doge’s Palace played a key role in the life of Venetian Republic fulfilling three fundamental roles: Doge’s residence, the palace of justice and seat of the government. This is a place where some of the crucial decisions about the destiny of Venice and Europe were takes!

When first built in the 9th century AD, the structure resembled more a castle than a palace featuring four sighting towers and high defense walls. It had a strategic position thanks to which the residents of the could control the city from the sea. As time went by, a series of fires and subsequent rebuilding turned the building to its current form, an impressive example of Venetian Gothic architecture. Despite the massive size, the colorful and decorated facade gives the building a light and elegant appearance.

The importance of Palazzo Ducale rests in its meaning during the era of the Republic. The palace was an expression of the Republic’s unique relationships with its citizens, a relationship of trust a and loyalty. Venetian citizens considered their government legitimate not by divine imposition or hereditary right as typical for other medieval cities, but as an expression of the Venetians’ choice and will.

So, don’t hesitate any longer! Book your ticket to the heart of Venetian Republic and principles they lived by!

Before You Go

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  • A student must carry ID to collect the tickets

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  • Tour guide (unless option selected)
  • Audio guide (unless option selected)

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Visit Today Office - Sestiere San Marco 171, Venice (Italy)



Venice is one of the best city to visit and the museums there are amazing.

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Strongly recommend taking this ticket otherwise just going to stand in the line for hours.

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Skip the line is the best option to take. Even you have to pay a little extra, I recommend to take this ticket.

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The queue front of the museum is so long that if I wouldn't have this ticket, I have to wait for min 2 hrs.

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