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Paris Cheap Eats: the best bites by the main sites!

Paris is the City of Lights, the City of Love and the city with the most Michelin starred restaurants in Europe...but don't panic! All the best French food doesn’t have to be priced Eiffel Tower high. There are plenty of Paris cheap eats, many hidden right next to the popular sites and attractions in the center! We are here to help you find these local gems and fill up your belly without emptying your wallet. 

Eiffel Tower

You are on your way to snapping that iconic shot of THE building that says “I am in Paris” but you have forgotten your supermarket picnic! Merde (pardon my French!) how will you survive? If you're in Paris on a budget, be warned that most restaurants and “cheap” cafes in the swanky 7th Arrronsidesement are famously overpriced. Luckily though we have found some of the best budget-friendly eats in Paris, right next to the symbolic Tour Eiffel! Join the locals at Alfio. An Italian restaurant with small prices and big portions! With pizzas from €10 euros, the prices are hard to beat. Or for traditional French fare, another great option is 20 Eiffel. A Michelin star restaurant with a set menu for €24. Located on 20 Rue de Monttessuy it is right around the corner from its namesake!

Louvre Museum

With 8.8 million people visiting the Louvre every year, surely it is impossible to find affordable food in this tourist hot spot? We managed to scout out some of the best restaurants in Paris with unforgettable dishes and unbelievable prices. If you can handle walking a few blocks, then check out Chez la Vieille. This Parisian gem serves legendary rabbit kidneys for just €10, or try the “Egg Ajumma" (snow peas over poached egg) for just €12! If you just want to nip out of the museum for a quick bite and head back to peruse the masterpieces, then you won't get better Paris cheap eats any closer than Le Fumoir. Not only is it a stone's throw from the most famous art museum in the world but you can get a starter, main course and dessert for €30! Or there is a 2 course deal for €26. Forget about the Paris postcards, you'll be writing home about the food at Le Fumoir!

Notre Dame

The beloved Notre Dame Cathedral will be closed to visitors following the recent and tragic fire. Nevertheless, you may still want to walk around and admire the beauty of this magnificent 2nd-century cathedral, famous for its ornate carved door and stone gargoyles (which survived!). It is easy to see why this is one of France's national treasures...what is more difficult to find are Paris cheap eats in the area! We have done the hard work for you. A short walk from the cathedral is Sur le Pouce. A cheap and cheerful cafe serving baguettes, ham and cheese crepes and more classics. You can have a hearty main course, a glass of wine and a salad for just €10!

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Even closer to the historical landmark of Notre Dame, you can find Le Petit Plateau. This favorite of local Parisians has a higher “fixed price” for the daily menu. It averages around €20, but it comes with a generous glass of wine and views of the Notre Dame Cathedral!

Arc de Triomphe

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This is one of the most well-known and photographed monuments of Paris. The symbolic and grand “Triumphal Arch” was built by Napoleon to commemorate the military victories of France. Feast your eyes on this magnificent arch at the bottom of the upmarket shopping avenue Les Champs Elysees. For a cheap and delicious food feast, head to Le Hide on Rue du Général Lanrezac. This French-Japanese fusion is considered by locals to be one of the best restaurants in Paris. Tuck into plates of foie-gras terrine, poached eggs with truffles or duck confit pancakes for just €12.

Looking for a light bite? Or for all you vegans and vegetarians in Paris fending off steak tartare and avoiding the foie gras, then we have the perfect Paris cheap eats for you! Right next to the spectacular Arc de Triomphe, you will find EXKi Kléber. If you love your food as healthy as it is delicious, then you will love this place! They have nutrition packed salads, quiches and power smoothies. Best of all, they use seasonal and organic ingredients. You can have a vitamin-packed and delicious lunch for less than €10!

If you prefer eating “al fresco” then the street food in Paris is some of the best in Europe. You could also stock up on fresh market ingredients in Le Marché des Enfants Rouges in Le Marais district, and have a classic Paris picnic! Or if you are exploring Paris off the beaten path, wander down Rue des Rosiers where you’ll find tons of Indian food or “pita du fallafel”. Of course, if you are truly in Paris on a budget and you want tons of time and money saving hacks then you will love our Paris travel tips.  Bon Voyage!

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