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Cheap Eats Florence: How To Get High Quality For Low Prices

If you’re looking for cheap eats Florence is the place for you! There are delicious and authentic Italian bites around every corner. This means whichever attractions you might have planned on your Florence itinerary, you will always be able to find some cheap Florence restaurants to keep you full of energy! Just because food is cheap doesn’t mean it is bad. Some of the best places to eat in Florence are also some of the cheapest! You don’t need to cut back on quality Florence food when you cut back on the price! Where to eat in Florence on a budget? Check out below for some of the best restaurants in Florence that you’ll find near the main attractions!

Ufizzi Gallery

If you’re looking for some of the best pizza in Florence, then you’re in luck! Once you have visited the Uffizi Gallery, you can find some tasty bites to eat at Mangia Pizza Firenze. Locals and tourists alike rave about this place! They use fresh ingredients and have a broad selection of pizzas which they cook to perfection! They may not have the most impressive looking dining room and perhaps it needs some new furniture - but that’s never what great pizzerias have been about! Plus it has great value for money! You’re looking at spending about €8 for a medium-sized pizza. You can pay much more at Florence restaurants for a lot worse!

The Duomo

The Duomo is a must-see complex in Florence which includes a cathedral (with a dome above), a crypt, a museum a bell tower and the Baptistery of Saint John. That’s more than enough reasons to visit. If paninis are your thing, however, then you’ll have even more incentive to go! There’s an excellent panini restaurant just around the corner. It’s called “Panini Toscani” (Tuscan Panini). The food is excellent and the prices are very reasonable. You can even get some wine for a few euros to go with it! There’s a rival panini restaurant nearby with high-quality food and low prices: “Da'Vinattieri”. You’ll have to decide which is better!

Pitti Palace

Pitti Palace is near the top of most visitor’s Florence bucket list! While many restaurants in the area have extortionately high prices (reserved mainly for tourists!), cheap eats Florence can rescue you again. There are a few options here. You’re not too far from the aforementioned “Da'Vinattieri” panini restaurant. There is also a great pizzeria, however, called “Pizzeria Totò atto II”. They use a lot of fresh garlic (particularly on the bruschetta!) so it might be worth packing some mints! Finally, if you’re looking for something even quicker and even simpler but just as tasty then there’s a sandwich shop called “Il Cernacchino”. They also serve beer and chocolate cake (sometimes together!).

Accademia Gallery

Statue of David

The Accademia Gallery is most famous for having the statue of David by Michaelangelo. Almost as authentically Italian as the statue itself is “Caffè Rosanò”. It’s just two streets away from the gallery and its prices are some of the best in the area. This a coffee shop but it also serves lots of traditional Italian food from pastries to spaghetti bolognese! Tired of sandwiches? Never! Particularly not with ones as good as “SandwiChic” makes them. The sandwiches are scrumptious and great value, the staff are friendly and they even have their own homemade wine! The cheap eats Florence is serving will keep you coming back (and your bank account safe!).

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