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Germany Attractions vs Sweden Attractions: FIFA World Cup of Travel

Good afternoon and welcome to game two, Germany attractions vs. Sweden attractions. The oct of travel has been absolutely fantastic and today is no exception. German and Swedish fans have been here all morning, beating drums and singing songs. There’s a real sense conviviality in the stadium despite the deep rivalry. This is going to be one heck of a match.

First Half

Both located in northern-Europe some may feel that these countries offer up much of the same things. Well, they’d be wrong. And, you can see that here as Sweden tourist attractions make a break down the left wing. Stockholm’s old town of Gamla Stan is both the geographic and historic center of the city. It’s fairy tale cobblestone streets, medieval squares, Palaces, and churches are picturesque in their beauty. Hours can be spent wandering through the narrow streets, between the multi-colored houses, exploring tiny shops or stopping off for coffees in cozy cafes.

BRILLIANT TACKLE! German attractions recover well and are confident on the ball, ready to hold it up and build from the back. And, with all the things to see in Berlin alone, that’s no surprise. The Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall, Museum Island, they all make for tough competitors. These are big powerful Berlin attractions that offerup a deep insight into the history and culture of the city and the country.

That’s excellent footwork and a great searching ball forward up to places to visit in Germany. They’ve just got so much going for them. The Black Forest with its thick woodlands and miles of hiking trails that lead you through meadows, past lakes and waterfalls is undeniable in its beauty. 

The ball's slipped to the Rhine Valley who’s made great space. Here, the Rhine river, boarded by dramatic cliffs and hillsides, gives way to vineyards that produce beautiful rieslings. They’ve managed to crack a shot off! The balls touched over the bar by the keeper! Fantastic effort, fantastic save!

Germany attractions have hooked the ball in straight into the arms of the keeper. Poor corner. And, the Swedes play it off quick. They’re hoping to catch the Germans out. By the time this play’s over, it’s quite possible none of us will be wondering what to see in Sweden! It’s fallen to Gammelstad. This Unesco World Heritage Site is the largest church town in Sweden. And, it also hosts a large open-air museum that recreates a 19th-century village. 

A wonderful through pass and its come to the feet of the Stockholm Archipelago. Considered the Venice of northern Europe, these 24,000 islands are a wonderland of beauty. Many are covered in beautiful forests and wildflowers, and most all are accessible by boat for a day trip. Past the last defender and he’s one-on-one with the keeper. The chip is magnificent and the keepers all arms!


Sweden attractions and the fans are going absolutely mental. The atmosphere has exploded in the stadium. We are awash in YELLOW!
And that’s the whistle. A deafening blow to the German just before halftime. They’re going to need to regroup if they want to come back from this.

Half Time

Despite the goal, Germany attractions haven’t looked poor this first half. They’ve got plenty more to offer. It’s just a matter of bringing some fresher places to visit in Germany out onto the pitch for the second half. Confidence and fresh legs and their right back in this game.

Second Half

And we’re off.

Germany has dispensed with things to see in Berlin and gone a little further afield bringing on Sanssouci Park and Palace in Potsdam. Frederick the Great dreamt this beautiful place up. Opulence is an understatement. Sanssouci Park and Palace combine gorgeous architecture, a stunning palace and wonderful, open, green spaces to explore. 

And, it looks confident on the ball running it down the center of the pitch before releasing to Oktoberfest on the edge of the box. Held annually from mid-September until the first Sunday of the month, Munich comes alive in a celebration all about beer. Here for just under a month hundreds of thousands of people descend on the city to sit in tents and imbibe the golden nectar of beer. Oktoberfest has pushed its way past the defender. Found a window of space. A thundering shot! The Keeper can’t stop it!


Sweden Attractions were caught out after the break. It’s so important to come out tuned in, or that’s exactly what happens.

Resuming play is one of the littlest known Sweden tourist attractions, Kiruna. This is Sweden’s northernmost town. It backs onto some truly fantastic, hikable wilderness and is an excellent base for those with an interest in winter activities. Sweden attractions are moving the ball about themselves. Just trying to ease themselves back into the game. But, if they want to regain a little bit of confidence, they're going to have to start bringing the ball forward again. But, for the minute German’s are happy to sit back and let them do it.

A searching ball out to the wing and it lands and Kalmar Slott. Kalmar Slott is a big, imposing castle located in Kalmar. It comes complete with a drawbridge and dungeons. And, was once the most important building in all of Sweden. Inside, the castle is stunning, with sumptuously decorated rooms and beautiful paintings adorning its walls. It’s got plenty of room to run. There’s the cross! Punched clear!

The clock's ticking down now, and we’re heading into extra time. The pace of the game has slowed. Both countries and their respective attractions are evenly matched. Germany attractions are introducing the many beautiful Christmas markets that can be enjoyed over the winter period. But, gluhwein and cinnamon sticks are proving useless against Sweden’s meatballs, pickled herring and lingonberry jam. Could it be? Are we headed for a draw?

The referees brought his whistle to his lips. And, that’s it, folks. Two well-matched sides and a result that surely will leave both of them pleased.

That’s all for now. Join us again next week.

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