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Iceland vs Croatia Attractions: Who'll win FIFA World Cup of Travel?

Hello and thanks for joining us today as Iceland attractions fight desperately to keep themselves in this World Cup tournament. That’s right, only a win against Croatia attractions will see them advance through to the last 16.

It is absolutely baking today. The temperature inside Ekaterinburg’s Arena Stadium sitting at a sweltering 30 degrees centigrade. For Iceland attractions, these are temperatures they will be unfamiliar with. And, that might just see them struggle a little bit, especially as the game pushes past the hour mark.

In order to win this and get people to want to visit Iceland, they’re going to have to rely on more than the filming-locations-cum-tourist-attractions of Game of Thrones. If they want those three points, they’re going to have to hold the ball and control the tempo of the game. Point in fact. Iceland attractions cannot leave any room for anyone to wonder about things like what to see in Iceland.

First Half

It’s Croatia attractions who have come on strong. Just to remind viewers that Croatia has actually already made it through to the next round. But, it’s clear that’s of little consequence here. And, you can see that as they’ve started with some of the big reasons anyone would want to visit Croatia.

Zagreb and Split, two of the best places to stay in Croatia, are big, powerful cities that offer up a wealth of things to do. Zagreb’s cafe culture is reason enough to head to the Croatian capital city.

And, Split’s Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO Heritage Site, is a world unto itself. Beautiful narrow alleyways shelter fantastic bars where the cool, trendy and sexy drink and revel the night away. 

Zagreb’s Dolac Market in the heart of the city is a beautiful taste of Croatian culture. 

Split also offers up a slew of superbly preserved Roman ruins. You can visit an amphitheater, public baths, and the old city gates. All that and you’re still only scratching the service of what both cities have to offer.

A galloping run down the wing and a diagonal ball follows. Beautiful control. Coming into support is Trogir, one of the places to visit in Croatia. This stunning little medieval town sits on a small island, connected to both mainland Croatia and Čiovo island. The center of life here, the beach promenade with all its cafes and bars. 

But, that’s not all Trogir has to offer. No, between the 13th and 15th century, the city thrived architecturally, and many of its beautiful buildings have remained the same since. Of particular note is the three-naved Venetian Cathedral of St. Lawrence.

The ball comes to Trogir’s feet. A quick one-two. The defense have read that terribly. In the box now. The keeper’s had to come off the line. A sharp shot into the bottom left corner. The balls got pace.


Half Time

Iceland have been completely absent in this first half. Lacking a bit of confidence. But, if they want to make a difference on the pitch, they’re going to have to change things up. They’ve got a lot to offer. There are some fantastic places to visit in Iceland, and they need to put them on the pitch.

Second Half

Iceland have come out there shell now and are looking like they’re keen to make a go of it. Controlling the game from the middle. And, answering everyone’s question of what to do in Iceland are the country’s many nature reserves. Hornstrandir in the Westfjords covers some of the most extreme parts of Island. Here you can hike amongst the flora and fauna of the country. Expect to spot puffins and arctic foxes along cliff bluffs and enjoy beautiful vistas of the Arctic sea. Keep a keen eye out; you’re sure to see whales and seals too.

A through ball puts Raudasandur Beach in a great position. Also located in the remote Westfjords, this stunning beach boasts beautiful pink sands and makes for a great walk along the water.

Running into space is one of the best of Iceland attractions, the Blue Lagoon. Located in a lava field, these teal blue waters are warmed by the Svartsengi geothermal plant. Here, you can soak in 38-degree celsius pools. Absolutely beautiful and a reason in itself to visit Iceland.

Collecting the ball and a quick offload to one of the most usual of Iceland points of interest, the Phallological Museum. Here, 286 mammal members are on display, from sperm whales to polar bears and even one human sample!

The Phallological Museum has wrong-footed the keeper and put it past him! It’s come off the post! Coming to the rescue and clearing the ball, the pride of Croatia tourism, the country’s magnificent beaches!

Gornja Vala, on the Makarska Riviera, is one of the Adriatic longest beaches. At 5 kilometers it surrounded by olive groves and boasts white sands and crystal clear, blue waters. Pakleni Islands offer up more of the same with beautiful hidden beaches, and untouched lagoons.

Croatia attractions are on the counter now. And, it’s the Pelješac Peninsula storming down the pitch, Iceland in tow. As well as some unbelievable countryside, this fingerlike peninsula is home to some of the best wine and food in the country. Stretching from Ston all the way to Orebić, this part of the country is covered in vineyards with many offering wine tastings and tours.

Iceland’s keeper has to come charging out of the box! A cheeky lob and the Pelješac Peninsula rounded the keeper! It’s going to be a comfortable finish!


Croatia attractions 1. Iceland attractions 0.

With five minutes left of the game, Iceland are throwing everything they’ve got forward. The Langjökull Glacier offers groups of 80 visitors an opportunity to travel deep into an icy, man-made cave 1260 meters above sea level. Inside, people can enjoy a cafe, exhibits and even a small chapel.

A cross into the box. And running forward is the Aflaskólinn, or, Elf School. This strange little school dedicates itself to teaching people all there is to know about Iceland’s elf culture. Here, you can learn about fairies, elves, trolls and other supernatural flora and fauna. He’s got a toe to the ball, and it’s slinked past the keeper!


Iceland attractions are going wild! The crowd is going wild! What a truly stun… Hold on a minute! The referees touched his ear! There’s been a call for offside! It’s gone to the Video Assisted Referee!

We’re all waiting with bated breath. Croatia attractions are holding onto the ball. They know that whatever way this call goes, the match is over. It looks like the ref’s made his decision. He’s making his way onto the pitch. He’s wagging his finger!


That will be absolutely devastating for them. There’s goal kick. And there’s the final whistle.


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