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Pump it up! Live music Barcelona Bars - Top 15 in Town

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Barcelona has something for everyone. It is the chameleon city: countless museums and incredible architecture for culture-lovers, easy access to skiing and water sports for adventurers and adrenaline junkies. If you're reading this article, you may know Barcelona as Europe's answer to New York. Music is the universal language we all speak. When it comes to live music Barcelona is the City that Never Sleeps.

Pump it up! Live music Barcelona Bars - Top 15 in Town

The city breathes music. From the world-famous Barcelona music festivals of Primavera, Sonar, and Cruïlla; the annual culture-fest La Mercè; to the buskers plucking their guitars on sun-dappled benches. Go to Parc Ciutadella on any Sunday of the summer and I challenge you to find a square meter free from ukuleles, trumpets or harmonicas!

If Barcelona were a Spotify Playlist it would be a pretty eclectic mix of all genres! From the achingly beautiful piano concerts at the L'Auditori and orchestras at the opera-house, Gran Teatre del Liceu. Or perhaps a violin concert against the opulent backdrop of the famous Neoclassical landmark the Palau de la Musica?

Live Music Barcelona

Whether you're into head-banging punk rock, you want to swill your whiskey to some sultry jazz tunes or tap your feet to some cheerful Irish jigs, Barcelona has something for everyone! From afrobeats in Gràcia, to underground indie in Poble Sec, the city has a thriving live music scene.

Looking for that perfect venue? When it comes to live music, Barcelona has something for everyone. There's even an indoor half pipe in Nevermind Bar for all you skaters out there! Whether you're into afro jazz or acid house, here are the best live music bars Barcelona has for an authentic experience.

1. Razzmatazz, Poblenou
2. Haarlem Jazz Club, El Gotico
3. Apolo, Poble Sec
4. Jamboree, El Gotico
5. Sidecar, El Gotico
6. Luz de Gaz, Gràcia
7. Heliogàbal, Gràcia
8. Bar Pastis, Raval
9. Mariachi, El Gotico
10. Big Bang Bar, Raval
11. Tinta Roja, Poble Sec
12. Palo Alto Market, Poblenou
13. Wild Rover, Raval
14. Koitton Club, Sants
15. 23 Robadors, Raval


Almogavers 122, Poblenou

One of the biggest Barcelona clubs, Razzmatazz is located in an ex-factory in Poblenou. This once industrial, now hip neighborhood has sprawling warehouses and quiet streets. What better place to pump up the volume and have an underground rave? Razzmatazz has five huge rooms and has hosted some big music legends over the years, from Radiohead to the Arctic Monkeys.

If you're looking for a bender, head to Razz. You may be watching the sunrise on the beach later!

Entry: €15 - €20
Genre: Electro-rock, Techno, Grime, Trap, Acid, Funk

2. Harlem Jazz Club

Comtessa de Sobradiel 8, El Gotico

Barcelona's oldest concert hall, the Harlem Jazz Club has staged live concerts every day since 1987. This legendary jazz club is beloved by music lovers and performers alike. A small and intimate setting down a cobbled pedestrian street in the Gothic Quarter, the Harlem is the perfect place to sway to crooning blues, swing and jazz.

One of the best venues for live music in Barcelona - get there early for a good spot!

Entry: €8 - €10
Genre: Blues, Jazz, Cuban

3. Apolo

Nou de la Rambla 113, Poble Sec

A fellow giant of the music scene, Apolo is the playground of techno junkies, alternative music lovers and party animals alike. One of the oldest dance halls in Europe, Apolo was a former amusement park, bingo hall, and skating club. Now this famous live music venue is one of the biggest Barcelona clubs around. Expats and locals flock to their weekly “Nasty Mondays,” and major artists regularly headline for live performances at their Saturday concerts. For live music Barcelona Monday at Apolo is the best way to start the week!  

For a dark and dingy experience, knocking back tequila to indie rock, this is the club for you!

Entry: €10 - €20
Genre: Indie, Electro-rock, Alternative and Dance

4. Jamboree

 Plaça Reial 17, El Gotico

Did you say Chet Baker? Yes, that's right, some musical giants including Chet Baker and Bill Coleman have graced the stage at this iconic Jazz club in the corner of Placa Reial. Literally underground, this musical cave has been pumping out Jazz for decades. In more recent years, Jamboree has transformed into a nightclub and serves up an eclectic mix of genres: hip hop downstairs and old school pop rock upstairs. For live music, Barcelona has few better locations than the classic Jamboree.

Entry: €15
Genre: Jazz, Blues, Funk and Soul

5. Sidecar

Plaça Reial 7, El Gotico

If Jamboree doesn't float your boat, you only have to look across the square and you can join the metal heads at Sidecar! The Sidecar Factory Club (known locally as “Cedar Car”) tops the list as the best live music bar Barcelona has for alternative rock, indie, and metal.

Are you looking for a swanky joint to enjoy your cocktail? Look below. Sidecar is an edgy subterranean cavern for beer and base.

Entry: Free / €5-10
Genre: Rock, Indie, Metal

6. Luz de Gaz

Carrer de Muntaner 246, Gràcia

Step back in time at the Luz de Gaz, possibly the classiest of the Barcelona clubs. For a red carpet session of live music Barcelona presents you Luz de Gaz: soak up the sounds under glittering chandeliers and mood lighting. A sophisticated crowd who can afford the steep prices for drinks.

The music is as varied as the cocktail menu, expect everything from Dixie Jazz to vintage Spanish rock.

Entry: €20
Genre: Jazz, Pop, Rock

7. Heliogàbal

Carrer de Ramón y Cajal 80, Gràcia

(El Guincho performing at a concert in Santander)

More than just a live music venue, Heliogàbal is the nerve center of culture in Barcelona. A unique space offering poetry readings, film screenings, live music from local bands and more.  It has been home to some of Barcelona's biggest talent of recent years, including El Guincho, the legendary one-man carnival.

Are you thirsty for culture in all forms? For an artistic extravaganza, head to Heliogàbal for a total immersion in Catalan and international culture.

Entry: €6 - €8
Genre: Jazz, Indie, Alternative

8. Bar Pastis

Calle Santa Mónica 4, El Raval

No list of awesome venues for live music in Barcelona would hold water if I didn't feature Raval! This sometimes seedy, but always colorful neighborhood of Barcelona is packed with strange and wonderful live music bars. Bar Pastis is hands down the best of the bunch! Straight out of 1930's Paris, this one-of-a-kind tavern hosts weekly jam sessions.

A favorite of music-lovers and musicians alike, this is one of the best live music bar Barcelona has to offer. Its known in local circles as the “Absinthe Bar”. You know what to order here!

Entry: Free
Genre: Tango, Chanteuse, Fado, Jazz

9. Mariatchi

Carrer dels Còdols 14, El Gotico

Is that THE King of the Bongo? It may be! Mariatchi bar is the favorite haunt of the world-famous and Barcelona-loved French musician Manu Chao. The friendly and eclectic crowd, cheap drinks and spontaneous live music make this a guaranteed memorable night! For live music with a twist, head to “Manu Chao's bar”, one of Barcelona's best-loved secrets.

Entry: Free
Genre: Latin, Ska, Reggae

10. Big Bang Bar, Raval

Carrer d'En Botella 7, Raval

If you like your live music served up with a large side of history, head to the Big Bang Bar. A former 19th-century tavern, it was a gypsy hangout known as “Bar Kuki” before being converted into a hard rock bar. The bar was a stronghold for the punk and resistance movement.

These days, the Big Bang Bar is mostly jazz, but it also hosts weekly live music sessions where you can expect to hear flamenco, cabaret or blues. When the musicians retire to the bar, DJs take over and the party lasts all night long!

Entry: Free
Genre: Rock, Blues, Pop

11. Tinta Roja

Carrer de la Creu dels Molers 17, Sants

In this live music bar Barcelona has something special up its sleeve. More than just a bar, Tinta Roja is an all-round sensory experience. Located in a former dairy, the decadent interior is styled on a 1920's Argentinian cabaret bar. This unique space showcases everything from Tango to trapeze, comedy to poetry. The combination of electric performances in stunning decor is a feast for eyes and ears. While you´re there, try “Caña Legui” the famous Argentinian liquour!

Cocktails aren't cheap, but Tinta Roja promises a night for the dream journal!

Entry: Free
Genre: Tango, Latin, Jazz, Flamenco

12. Palo Alto Market

Carrer dels Pellaires 30, Poblenou

When it comes to live music Barcelona is the stomping ground of night-owls, with concerts taking place late into the evening. If you are more of a day lark and fancy some sunshine with your music then head to the Palo Alto market in Poblenou! Palo Alto is one of the many incredible Barcelona Markets. This legendary session takes place the first weekend of every month and is a favorite of expats and locals alike.

This is no ordinary fleamarket, think octopus tacos and craft beer. Whether you're into vintage clothes, gourmet food trucks or simply want to knock back a vermouth to some electronic beats, check out Palo Alto!

Tip: Use the app to save a euro on the door! (3.5 euros online)

Entry: €4.5
Genre: Electronic, Latin, Soul

13. Wild Rover

Carrer de Santa Mònica, 2, Raval

For a live music Barcelona pub, the Wild Rover promises a laid-back atmosphere, awesome beer selection and a singalong session to keep you merry all night long! Every day is Paddy's Day in this friendly slice of Ireland just off the Ramblas. They have something for everyone, huge screens for the sports fans, darts, pool, and ping pong, plus jam sessions five nights a week!

Here's one place you can sing to your heart's content without being judged!

Entry: Free
Genre: Pop, Irish

14. Koitton Club

Carrer de Rossend Arús 9, Sants

For an authentic Catalan experience, I recommend the Koitton Club. You won't be bumping into any tourists here! The Koitton Club is an alternative cooperative and concert hall in the neighborhood of Sants. Set up to promote music and culture, it is used by aspiring local musicians, including the now famous Catalan rumba band Los Manolos, and later the record label El Ventilador. Who knows what next big name you could bump into here?

Entry: €2 - €6
Genre: Folk, Bluegrass, Reggae

15. 23 Robadors

Carrer d'En Robador 23, Raval

Great ambiance, good value food (one euro tapas!) and easy to find - on 23 Robadors. This hidden gem in Raval hosts live flamenco shows. For an authentic and no-frills experience, in an intimate stone-walled tavern, this is your spot. This is one of the best bars for live music in Barcelona. It gets packed with locals and visitors alike. Don't forget your dancing shoes, you may want to get up and join in!

For an all-around experience, 23 Robadors is the winner!

Entry: €4 (this varies depending on the show) 
Genre: Jazz, Flamenco

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Are you ready to check out Barcelona's best musicians up close and personal? Here's a handy map so you don't get lost down those side streets. Don't forget your air guitar!

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