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Doge's Palace Tickets And Tours

Doge's Palace Special offers ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 141 Reviews

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Doge's Palace Reviews
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Based on 141 Reviews

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excellent
Very good guide

This was a slightly smaller group than those tours we saw going through the main part of the palace which were huge (20 vs. 35-40). Our guide was very enthusiastic & we explore on our own after.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excellent
Definitely recommended

Very good and enjoyable experience.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excellent
Mary London

Louisa was a very good guide!! Dedicated and very knowledgeable. She maintained the group focused all the time


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excellent

The person in charge explains very well.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excellent
Lots of interesting facts about Venice

Organized for Ten. Good clear information and very well organized.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excellent
Brilliant, brilliant tour

Our guide (whose name I've forgotten, very sorry!) was a local from Venice, loved her city, held a PhD in the subject and was informative, friendly, approachable and engrossing on what were fascinating subjects and wonderful buildings.



A masterpiece of Gothic architecture and seemingly appearing to be floating on the Venice lagoon is one of Italy’s most iconic attractions, the Doge’s Palace. The Palace was the center of government during the Venetian Republic and also home to the Doge. For those who don’t know the Doge was the chief magistrate of Venice, so the Big Kahuna. Now though, the Palace is open to the public. Its many rooms house an enormous collection of incredible art and decoration. But, before you get your Doge’s Palace tickets and head inside take a second to appreciate the marvelous structure from outside.

The Doge’s Palace began life as a dark, gloomy, wooden fortress. However, after several fires, people of Venice began to convert it into what it is today. The facade, as well as being beautifully ornate with its lace design and soft pink Verona marble, is also an incredible feat of architectural brilliance. Built on a double arcade of slender Istrian marble, it’s a wonder how the Doge’s Palace stands. Be sure to take a closer look at the carved column capitals that line the Palace; they really are quite a sight. One last thing before you head inside! There’s only one way to better your experience of the Doge’s Palace skip the line tickets!


The sheer scale of this place can be overwhelming. So, once inside, the brave can attempt to navigate their own way through, but the sensible will look to get a Doge’s Palace tour. On the ground floor and the main circuit of the Palace, you can walk through the many state and institutional rooms. The former prisons and armory also aren't off the limit.

However, to experience the most impressive part of the Palace, you will have to ascend the Golden Staircase. Up here are the Doge’s apartments and while your Doge’s Palace tickets won’t grant you access to the rooms with temporary art exhibitions, you can explore all the rest. The Scarlet Chamber boasts an intricately carved ceiling and beautifully frescoes lunettes. On the other hand, the Hall of Four Doors a magnificent painting by Titian. The best bit, there’s no need for Bridge of Sighs tickets. Once you're in the Palace, you can walk across the thing yourself.

Where to buy tickets to visit the Doge’s Palace?

You can buy tickets for the Doge’s Palace at the ticket office which is located at the main entrance. However, expect long queues especially in the summer months. We recommend buying your Doge’s Palace Tickets online in advance to avoid long waits.  

How to get to the Doge’s Palace?

To get to the Doge’s Palace jump on a Vaporetto:

  • From Piazzale Roma take Line 1 and get off at the Vallaresso or San Zaccaria stop. Or, take Line 2 and get off at the Giardinetti stop. You can also take Line 5.1 or Line 4.1 which also both stop at San Zaccaria.
  • From Santa Lucia Railway Station take the Line 1 to Vallaresso or San Zaccaria stop. You can also take the Line 2 to Giardinetti as well as the Line 5.1 or 4.1 to San Zaccaria.  
  • From Lido di Venezia take the Line 1 to Vallaresso or San Zaccaria, or the 5.2 to the San Zaccaria stop.  

When is the best time to visit the Doge’s Palace?  

The summer months see the most foot traffic and visiting than can mean long waits in queues. So, if possible consider visiting the Doge’s Palace during the offseason when it is quieter. Plan your trips in the early morning or late afternoon when crowds have died down.

Why is the Doge’s Palace so important?  

The Doge’s Palace is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture and was once the political and administrative center of the Venetian Republic. It’s also where the Doge (leader) of the Republic lived. Now it’s a labyrinth of rooms that house some truly spectacular artwork and makes for a fantastic day out.  

How much does it cost?  

Tickets for the Doge’s Palace are priced at 20 € with tours costing between 20 € and 50 €. Besides Doge’s palace, the ticket includes entry to the Monumental Rooms of the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, Museo Archeologico Nazionale and Museo Correr.


What is Museum Pass and what it comprises?

 The Museum Pass is a cumulative ticket that grants you access to the permanent collection of the Musei Civici of Venice. It grants you access to the following museums: 

  • The museums at St Mark’s Square
: Doge’s Palace with a combined itinerary of Monumental Rooms of the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, Museo Correr, Museo Archeologico Nazionale
  • Other Civic Museums: Ca’ Rezzonico (Museum of 18th-Century Venice), Museum of Palazzo Mocenigo, Carlo Goldoni’s House, Ca’ Pesaro, International Gallery of Modern Art + Oriental Art Museum, Glass Museum (Murano); Lace Museum (Burano), Natural History Museum

Do I need a guide?

While a guide is never strictly necessary, we highly recommend one. A guide will provide you with a wealth of information that will allow you to engage with the Doge’s Palace on a deeper level.  

Useful Tips

  • Come in the morning to avoid crowds. 
  • Try to avoid midday and weekends as this is when the Palace is most busy.
  • If you pre-book tickets online, you can skip the ticket booth queue.


  • Information desk
  • Cloakroom for storing bags and coats
  • Toilets (ground floor toilets fully wheelchair accessible)
  • Bookshop
  • Museum Cafe
  • Baby Pitstop (dedicated room for breastfeeding, changing and resting) 

A regular visit to the Doge’s Palace is fully wheelchair accessible. However, the Secret Itineraries tours are not.  

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