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Dedicated Entry to St. Peter's Basilica
POPGuide App - an interactive app offering a self-guided sightseeing city tour with audio information about most popular sites and discounts for local businesses
POP Guide audio for St. Peter's Basilica
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Last Minute Ticket
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Audio Guide - Headphones
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Key Details
Monday - Sunday
Collection point: Savelli Gallery - Piazza Papa Pio XII, 1, 00193, Rome (In front of St Peter's Basilica)
Group: Max 25 people

Before You Go


Rome is an incredible collage of ancient ruins, mind-blowing art, lively vibes and lingering romance. Simply strolling through its streets feels like visiting an open-air museum of life. Indeed, being the result of 3000 years of ad-hoc urban planning and development the city offers quite a clean cut through the layers of history. There is so much to see and discover! If you don’t want to miss a thing, you better get your hands on a first-class travel companion, Rome Bronze VisitPass. 


Rome Bronze VisitPass grants you the luxury of having a savvy guide standing by your side 24/7. Plus, it fits into your pocket! The guide in question is an interactive map feature of the POP Guide application which is by any means an ordinary map. POP map helps you define the best sightseeing routes based on your preferences; suggests the most convenient modes of transport from one spot to the next, and provides necessary information about the sights in your vicinity. What’s even better, the app is stuffed with deals and discounts for local businesses of all shapes and sizes which pop up as you make your way through the city!


Though, when in Rome, you can’t forget about the divine Vatican. That’s why Bronze VisitPass treats you to a visit to St Peter’s Basilica with the incredible advantage of skipping the line. We wouldn’t want your day spoiled by hours of queueing! Furthermore, you get to enrich your visit with a savvy and practical audio guide - POP Guide. Do not wait, do experience Rome today!

How does it work?

  • Click “Book” and select the date and time you wish to start your sightseeing journey
  • Select the number of passes 
  • Complete your online purchase
  • Upon your arrival in Rome visit the indicated office 
  • Provide your booking reference number or QR code and claim your pass
  • Select your itinerary for every attraction
  • Enjoy!

Visitpass Highlights

Rome offers an array of activities and popular attractions scattered all over the city. Some of them are so well integrated into the fabric of the city; they are easy to miss. Rome Bronze VisitPass makes your life a whole lot easier with the amazingly interactive POP Guide map feature. What is it the POP Guide map offers?

  • Sightseeing routes suggestions based on your preferences
  • Basic information about sights and attraction in your vicinity
  • Advice on the most convenient public transport connections within the city
  • Discounts for local businesses such as bars, restaurants, souvenirs and craft shops


But that’s not all Bronze VisitPass has to offer. You will also benefit from a lucrative, dedicated entry to St Peter’s Basilica. Though the Basilica entrance is free in general, the often hours long queue makes getting in quite a quest. Bronze VisitPass allow you to bypass the crowds and truly skip the queue, getting in through a specialized entrance. An incredible advantage, especially if your itinerary is tightly packed with activities! 

Furthermore, there is no need to worry about missing out on any of the information you would get in a live guided tour. POP Guide privileges that come with the Bronze Visit Pass include an audio guide you can listen to on your smartphone. Just download the app, scan the provided QR code and enjoy! Bulky, expensive radio sets are the thing of the past!

History Sneak Peek

Rome, located in the Lazio region, boasts a long and eventful history. A legend has it, the town was created by the twin brothers Romulus and Remus, the sons of Mars, god of war. Their father banished them to earth where a she-wolf found and raised them. Roman mythology tells a story of the brothers wanting to build the greatest city in the world but disagreeing on the location. The dispute was settled in a“casual” manner: Each of the brothers stood on his preferred of Rome's seven hills and waited for six vultures to signal Mars’ favor. Romulus won. 


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Historians tend to disagree with this cool mythical story but what do they know!


Whatever the truth may be, what started off as a small rural settlement quickly sprouted into a bustling city thriving under influences upon Etruscan and Greek cultures. Around 509 BC Rome already became a republic and, towards the end of Roman period, an empire. Imposingly, it maintained its empire status for the next ten centuries, until the 5th century AD. During this time, the city grew to accommodate 1-2 million inhabitants. 


In the Middle Ages (the 6th to 14th century) Rome suffered decline while other European countries rose and prospered. Its rebirth didn’t come about until the very end of the Middle Ages in the period commonly known as the Renaissance. Actually, the fact that Rome re-emerged into its former glory was very much the result of patronage of the Catholic church. However, more political instability and foreign occupation followed the Renaissance. Things only settled upon establishment of the independent Italian Republic which chose Rome to be its capital city… And we are only scraping the surface. 


So, don’t hesitate much longer. Book your Rome Bronze VisitPass today! If you want to see even more of Rome, you can always go for the Silver, Gold or Platinum VisitPass, each of which has a little bit more to offer!


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