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Colosseum Reviews
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Based on 855 Reviews

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excellent
Best Site in Rome

The Colosseum is definitely a must see when in Rome! I found the on-site assistance really helpful too, best of all, it was included with my ticket.


★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 4-Excellent

Overall experience was fine. Just a couple of things to think about. You don't need to hurry to their office, we spent more than half an hour there by the time we were already supposed to be in the colosseum. Other thing was that no one from our group received a ticket. You are supposed to get a ticket that is valid for 2 days for colosseum, foro romano and palatino. After visiting colosseum we headed to palatino and they didn't let us in just with the voucher. So we went back to the office and got some ticket that has already been used the day before. It worked, it's just a weird thing to consider, wonder how many people actually get back there to get what they paid for. Other than that without any problems, our guide very nice and informative, tour awesome.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excellent
Best tour ever had

We had a Best tour, Our guide was really into History and she was so passionate.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excellent
Very well organised

I took the self-guided and had the opportunity to spend time according to my schedule. I highly recommend booking in advance to avoid lines.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excellent

Overall, an excellent experience. The audio guide was very good and with the skip the line ticket, we don't have to wait for the entrance.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excellent
Terry C

I was very impressed with the experience and knowledge of our guide. Worth it!


Colosseum Tours & Tickets

When in Rome, do as the Ancient Romans did and head to the Colosseum! These iconic and majestic ruins have survived thousands of years of natural disasters and the ravages of time, but you can still visit them today. This ancient structure was once the heart of the Roman Empire, and hosted chariot races, gladiator battles, and bloody beast-on-beast duels. Today, you can walk on the very same arena sand as those warriors of thousands of years before. Note: this is the most popular attraction in Rome and entry sells out fast! So make sure you book Colosseum tickets in advance online so you can guarantee your visit! 

Visit Ancient Rome - Colosseum Rome Tickets & Tours 

A staggering 50 meters high, the “Colosseo Roma” was once the largest free-standing amphitheater in Ancient Rome. Is it as impressive as the photographs? Better! With the right skip the line Colosseum tour you can forget about spending hours in queues! Head straight underground, into the “belly of the beast” to see the secret passageways, cages, and dungeons. No wonder the Colosseum Rome is the most visited monument in all of Italy! The ticket office is crowded all year round. Get your Colosseum fast track tickets ahead of time. Choose between immersive virtual reality tours or visit the moonlit Coloseo at night. Visit the legendary stadium with a Colosseum guided tour. Go past the crowds and hear stories of battles and beasts. Are you ready to step back in time? 

Colosseum In Rome: Visitor Highlights

#Colosseum: Discover A New Angle

Colosseum Tickets: Buying & Visitor Tips

Colosseo: Prepare Your Visit

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Known For

Ancient Ruins

Activity Type

Colosseum Visit

Yearly Visitors

4 Million

High Season

All Year Round

Currency Required

European Euro

Time Zone

GMT +2:00

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Colosseum In Rome: Visitor Highlights

  • The Gladiator’s Gate: this special side entrance is reserved for private tours only. Once used by Gladiators to enter the arena for battle, now it gives visitors a taste of Ancient Roman history and lets you skip the lines! Book your Colosseum Private tour with Arena Floor access.
  • Roman Forum & the Temple of Julius Caesar: the Colosseum is best viewed alongside its fellow giants of Ancient Rome. 
  • Walk up Palatine Hill & Via Sacra: The birthplace of Rome and the most famous street. 
  • Colosseum under the Moon: explore the restricted areas after visiting hours, flooded in the moonlight and lit by the stars. *This experience is only possible with a Colosseum Underground Night Tour.
  • 3D Ancient Rome: why try to imagine the gladiator battles when you can see them with your own eyes? Step back in time to Ancient Rome on this unique virtual reality tour!  

#Colosseum: Discover A New Angle

Can’t wait to share those holiday snaps with your friends & family? Here are the best photo opportunities for your memories of the #Colosseum: 
  • Colosseum by Night: Imagine the majestic arena floodlit in the darkness, and under a starry sky...words cannot do it justice, but maybe your camera can! 
  • Sunset from the 3rd ring: Climb to the exclusive third ring of the amphitheater, and capture the glorious views across Rome…#selfietime!
  • The Colosseum from Palatine Hill: Trying to get a good picture of the Colosseum from within is like trying to photograph the back of your own head. Hike up this historic hill in the center of the “Seven Hills of Rome” and you will be rewarded with the best view of the Colosseum!
Got a winner? Choose your best snap from one of the three most instagrammable spots listed above, post it on your IG, and tag #dotravelgram to be featured. 

Colosseum Tickets: Buying & Visitor Tips

  • Short on time? Over 4 million people visit the Colosseum in Rome every year, so book a guided tour or reserve your skip the line Colosseum tour to avoid waiting in line for up to 3 hours.
  • Is it worth it to visit Colosseum Rome? As one of the New 7 Wonders of the Ancient World the Colosseum and Ancient Colosseum Underground tour opens your eyes to this remarkable ancient site.
  • Basic or premium? There are several options available for types of Colosseum Rome entrance tickets you can buy. The regular tickets allow you to explore the 1st and 2nd levels only. Numbers are strictly limited for the restricted areas and the 3rd ring. If you want to see these parts of the Colosseum, you have to book a tour and buy Colosseum tickets online. 
  • Security checks: recent years have seen heightened checks at Rome’s most popular monument, so bear in mind your bags will be screened by metal detectors (and the less you bring, the quicker you will get through!).
  • Money-saving tip: Colosseum tour with combination tickets to another top Rome attraction. For example, book Vatican and Colosseum tickets skip the line access included or the Rome Platinum Pass (Castel Sant Angelo, St Peter Basilica, Sistine Chapel, Pantheon & more).
  • From March 1st, 2019, it is mandatory for Roma City Pass holders to make a reservation for the Colosseum Flavian Amphitheater. Explore your Rome pass options here.

Colosseo: Prepare Your Visit

  • Wear sunscreen: whether you choose to skip the line or join the queue, your day in the Roman arena is likely to be HOT. Don’t let sunburn ruin your day; protect your skin before you go! 
  • Watch your pockets: be wary of pickpockets in highly touristy locations. 
  • Choose an audio guide: thousands of years of history and bloody battles on the arena sands; don’t miss the opportunity to hear all of the stories on tours of the Colosseum when you buy your audio guide + Colosseum tickets.
  • Bring water: remember you are visiting an open-air landmark so prepare to be in the full sun all day, especially if you are visiting in the summer months. Make sure to stay hydrated. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes: Ladies, leave your stilettos at home, you wouldn't want your heel getting stuck in the cracks on your Rome Colosseum tour. 
  • Don't forget your sunglasses: Yes, the mighty amphitheatre is truly something to behold. However, you will be staring up into the full glare of the sun, so do wear UV protected sunglasses. 


How much are tickets to the Colosseum?

The Colosseum Rome entrance fee is priced fairly reasonably. Basic entrance tickets (with fast-track entry) include access to the first and second levels for around €20. The admission includes entry to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Are you wondering how to book colosseum underground tickets to the restricted areas and third ring? To enjoy the Colosseum in all its glory, you need to book a guided tour of the Underground.

What is the correct spelling of the “Colosseum”?

In Italian it is called “El Colosseo” and in English, we say the Colosseum. One common misspelling is the “Coliseum Rome”. If you search for Coliseum Rome tickets, you will definitely find what you’re looking for, but keep in mind, this isn’t the correct spelling of the attraction.

Where is the best place to book Colosseum tickets?

Are you wondering where to buy Colosseum tickets? For the best-selling tours and latest deals, book Rome Colosseum tickets online. The Colosseum tickets price and availability depend on the season. There are also discount cards available and access to the Colosseum with a Rome museum Pass. As for how far in advance to book Colosseum tickets, see the question below.

Is Colosseum free for under 18?

Anyone under 18 years (with a European Union passport) can technically benefit from free Colosseum admission tickets; however, there are a few catches. Plan ahead - a minimum of two months. Do you need multiple tickets? Finding more than one available ticket on a specific day, even two months in advance, is near impossible. Can you pre-book Colosseum tickets? If you hope to visit the Colosseum with one or more guests, you should probably look at buying your Colosseum tickets four months in advance. Note: The 'free' tickets are not completely free. If or when you are lucky enough to secure your ‘free’ ticket to the Colosseum, you will still need to pay a reservation fee.

Which Colosseum tour is best?

There are many different Colosseum Rome tickets and best Colosseum tours in Rome available. The Colosseum Night Tour allows you to visit after hours, and the Colosseum Underground Tour by night will take you to the exclusive third ring.

What are the Colosseum opening hours?

Colosseum opening times change with the season as the monument opens at 8:30 am and closes one hour before sunset. The regular exceptions are Good Friday when the Colosseum opens from 8:30 am to 2 pm and June 2 when opened from 1:30 pm to 7:15 pm. On January 1, May 1 and December 25 the landmark is closed.

How to book Colosseum underground tickets?

The Colosseum Underground and third ring tickets are strictly limited to preserve the landmark. There are only about 300 entries available per day. A Rome Colosseum tour with a licensed guide is the only way to see these areas.

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