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Electric Bike Tour of Florence

There are so many things to see in Florence that conquering the city on foot is a true challenge. If you are tired of walking, bicycle wheels offer you a fun, healthy, and eco-friendly alternative. Our Florence Cycling Tours Italy give you a different perspective of the city.

In two hours you will be able to visit all the major Florentine tourist attractions and landmarks. All that with the leadership of our fun yet professional and historically-savvy guide! Firstly, you will ride following the narrow streets of the city visiting the artisan's district, Palazzo Pitti, San Frediano, Ponte Vecchio the Uffizi square, Santa Croce, Piazza Della Signoria, the Medieval district, Piazza Della Repubblica, and the Duomo. The cycling tour will also stop at several locations to give you a dose of fun facts about the city such as best places to find an authentic gelato, Bistecca Fiorentina or truffles.


There are so many places to visit in Florence! However, not all the sights worth seeing are within a reasonable walking distance, and many ancient streets are closed to traffic. Florence city tour provides a simple solution because the city is absolutely ideal for cycling! The weather, the roads, the terrain perfect for a leisurely afternoon on a bike.

Booking our Florence Cycling Tours Italy will take you where bus tours simply cant, deep into the pedestrian areas and tiny narrow streets. Comparing to a walking tour, it's considerably less exhausting and also an excellent time-saver. Thanks to the bike, you will be able to reach sights that are too far to visit on a walking tour.

Simply relax and relish the tour! Our expert guides will help you discover the most of Florence in a fun and entertaining way. Its a perfect introduction to the city's history as well as current life. Some say that cycling tours are the most convenient Florence tours what about you?

History Sneak Peek

Florence is one of the most romantic and historically significant cities in Europe. Located in the lovely region of Tuscany, we celebrate it as the birthplace of the Renaissance. Today the city still lives and breathes art. Its home to numerous works of art and architectural wonders.

While you might know Florence best for the Renaissance and its trading and banking achievements during the Middle Ages, the city's history goes way further. In fact, it was founded by the (in)famous Julius Caesar in 59 BC who the settlement Florentia (flourishing), a calm refuge for retired military veterans.

Since Florence happened to be situated on a fertile land as well as on a major travel route between northern Italy and Rome, it flourished into a bustling commercial center. Caesar couldn't have picked a more relevant name!

The banking history of Florence is not as romantic but incredibly crucial. Florentine banks had their fingers in places all over Europe. The powerful Medici banking family was the mastermind behind it all! In fact, its the economic flourishment that built a path for art, creativity, and innovation. Hence, a number of the most influential artists of the time (including Botticelli, Michelangelo, Ghirlandaio and Leonardo da Vinci) gathered in Florence to create the masterpieces we admire today.

The list of places to visit in Florence is long. Book our Florence Cycling Tours Italy and save your feet thousands of steps and blisters! If neither walking nor cycling is not for you, you can check out our Florence Vespa Tour.


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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
16 May 2018
"Marie L"

Excellent way to see to see the city, very entertaining guide!

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
16 May 2018

This was an awesome tour! Nice way to explore the city. The guide was informative and friendly. Definitely recommend!

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★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
16 May 2018

Great tour, learn and saw a lot!

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