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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 3 13h EN / ES / ZH / FR / DE / IT / JA / PT / RU
EN / ES / ZH / FR / DE / IT / JA / PT / RU

Choose the best experience!
Travel by GT coach or minivan with air conditioning
Expert multilingual escorts
Lunch consisting of typical Tuscan dishes
Guided tour of Siena
Self-guided tour of Piazza Dei Miracoli in Pisa
Self-guided tour of San Gimignano
Travel insurance and other emergencies
Tuscany Wine tasting
Not Included
Pick up and Drop off

Mobile Voucher
Printed Voucher
Easy Cancellation
Key Details
Monday - Sunday
Collection point: Viale F.llI Rosselli at the corner via Gabbuggiano ( Stazione Leopolda )
Group: Max25 people

Before You Go

Prices for Children from 0-12 years old: free of charge

A vegetarian menu is available upon request for the optional lunch

Entrance to the Siena Cathedral is not available on Sundays

Customers must be able to climb and descend stairs

POR require a minimum of 4 participants

IT, FR, GE, RUS, CH, JA require a minimum of 4 participants

Optional: Duomo of Siena Ticket: 6.00. Drop-off: 10.00 per pax (Infant 0-2 free)


Traveling to Tuscany is by far the most alluring of all Italian vacations. There is Florence, Siena, Leaning Tower of Pisa. There is the delicious cuisine, the rolling hills of Chianti marked with ruby-red Chianti Classico. So, you could say Tuscany has it all. But will you have time to see and do everything? It's possible! Our Tuscany Tours from Florence allow you to see the best of the region in one memorable day.

The tour begins with a visit to the stunning Piazza Dei Miracoli in Pisa famous mainly for its masterfully maintained Leaning Tower. After, you can take a break and relax with an authentic Italian lunch followed by wine tasting. After all the delicious food and wine, the wonder-inspiring journey continues with a visit to the medieval town of San Gimignano, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then, using the panoramic routes of the Chianti region, we will head to Siena, the city famous for the Palio Horse Race. Here, our official expert guides will take you on a guided walking tour of the city, showing you all the significant landmarks, palazzos, and piazzas.

Activity Highlights

Florence is the heart of Tuscany, home to some of the most prestigious Italian artworks and landmarks. However, the surrounding landscapes and towns are also full of treasures. Therefore, it would be a pity to confine your entire Tuscany trip to one city.

Day trips from Florence offer an effortless and convenient way of getting away from the bustling center.

Booking Tuscany Tours from Florence with us let you experience Tuscany beyond Florence without worrying about anything. There is no need to research bus connections, ticket prices or look up information about your destination. Our multilingual expert guides will escort you along, sharing the story of the region and answering all your questions. With us, you can see the best of Tuscany in a single day.

To maintain a balance between structure and flexibility, you are free to explore Piazza Dei Miracoli and San Gimignano on your own. But, you will get a thorough and informative tour of Siena!

Let us make your Tuscan holidays unforgettable!

History Sneak Peek

Tuscany area is the former home of the powerful and advanced Etruscan civilization. It was consumed by Rome in 351 BC. After the fall of the Roman empire, Tuscany fell under the rule of several different rulers From all the turmoil, the region emerged as a political entity with its own rulers. The main Tuscan cities gradually gained their independence and formed republics. By the high Middle Ages, Pisa, Siena, Arezzo, Lucca, Pistoia, and Florence became wealthy centers. They flourished in all areas including farming, manufacture, trade, and banking.

Naturally, little by little, Florence took over all the cities within the region.

Visiting Pisa, Siena, San Gimignano and travel through the picturesque Tuscan countryside offers a more profound adventure. Don't be just a tourist, be an explorer! Book our Tuscany tours today and expand the limits of your travel experience!


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