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Monday - Sunday
Collection point: Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy
Group: Max25 people

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Enchanting, romantic, and utterly irresistible. That’s Florence, Firenze, the cradle of Renaissance. It’s a place to indulge in world-class art, rich history, and compelling views. You can do all that without the hassle of making your way through the crowds. Our tour of Florence takes you on an exploratory adventure in a luxurious 7-seater Mercedes Benz. Unique among Tuscany car tours, this experience will not leave you disappointed. 

On this Florence-focused Tuscany driving tour, you will be escorted by a professional chauffeur with NCC license which means you will be able to access streets and corners closed off to other cars, taxis or buses. You will not miss out on any of the crucial sights such as Roman ruins that stand witness to the city’s long and winding history, lavish Pitti Palace, legendary Ponte Vecchio, bustling Uffizi courtyard and imposing Brunelleschi’s Dome. Plus, after exploring the city center, the tour will continue to Piazzale Michelangelo known for charming views of the city. Is that all? Not quite yet! The last stop is a tiny village perched in the hills above the city, Fiesole. It charms its visitors with cooler air, olive groves, Renaissance-style villas and even more spectacular views of Florence. This is one of Tuscany car tours you are unlikely to forget!

Activity Highlights

Most visitors believe that the only way to explore Florence is by foot or on a bicycle, as driving in the city center is very limited. However, that is not the case. Cars with professional chauffeurs with a special NCC license can enter into all restricted areas. So, exploring Florence city center thoroughly without endless walking is not unattainable. This Tuscany driving tour of Florence and its surroundings provides a perfect introductory scoop on the city and its numerous sights. Plus, the price includes hotel pick-up and drop-off so, there is no need to worry about finding a meeting point. 

History Sneak Peek

Florence is the capital of Tuscany, region famous for its lush rolling hills, excellent wine, and generous artistic history. While it’s most famous for being the birthplace of Renaissance and hive for the best artists, engineers, and scientists of the period, there is much more to the story!

Florence, in fact, is over 2000 years old. The great Julius Caesar founded it himself in 59 BC. His intent was to create a refuge for military veterans through the city had a much grander future ahead! Conveniently positioned on an extremely fertile land as well as on the main travel route connecting Rome and the north of Italy, Florence grew at unprecedented speed. By the 10th century, it was on a stable trajectory to wealth and prosperity. As time went by it managed to become one of the richest banking hubs in Europe. Indeed, the city offers much to explore!

 If you want to get to know Florence by car, pick the best of Tuscany car tours, the one without limits and restrictions! Book your Florence tour by Mercedes Benz today! We also recommend you to visit Statue of David and Uffizi Gallery as it's one of the most visited museums and galleries in Florence.


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