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Visiting Granada, and booking Alhambra tickets lets you experience one of the greatest (and most beautiful) Moorish creations, still very much intact today. Moreover, it rivals some of the best architecture throughout the Islamic world. The Alhambra is a stunning complex, and to appreciate it to the fullest, hiring a tour guide is recommended. If you want to just buy “Alhambra entrance tickets”, that’s great. There’s so much beauty to take in, you’re guaranteed to enjoy your time. However, if you choose to book a tour, a tour guide doesn't just walk you around the Alhambra (which would be useful enough), they'll also bring it to life with stories and explanations that you couldn't guess by just looking!

Where to buy Alhambra Tickets

Buying tickets online is the most convenient and money saying option. Purchasing online ensures your tickets are secured (they do sell out!) and that you don’t waste time and energy trying to find the ticket office (and then queue) to get them. What’s more, whether you’re buying Alhambra palace tickets, Alhambra general tickets, Alhambra night tickets or anything else, you will always get the best ticket price when you buy Alhambra tickets online. This also applies to all the possible tours on offer. Booking your tickets in advance, even if they are ‘Alhambra last minute tickets’ is always the better option than attempting to buy on arrival!

Alhambra Ticket Price & Discounts 

As there are so many tickets and tours on offer, you’ll have to browse the available Alhambra tours to check the most up to date availability and offers. The discounts you receive will depend on you, the tickets and tours you wish to buy and the current promotions on offer. Browse the selection of tours and buy your tickets to Alhambra in Granada before they sell out!

Types of Alhambra Tours

When it comes to choosing your Alhambra tours, you can simply opt for a day tour which takes you around the whole palace. However, there are many types of tickets and tours on offer. Some people prefer to buy tours for a specific part of the Alhambra only. Remember, the complex of the Alhambra is big, really big. Even a tour of “The Royal Complex” can last hours in order to get the full picture.

A popular option is joining the night tours. If you come for an evening visit, you’ll see the Alhambra quite literally in a different light. Apart from a night tour, if visiting during the day, you can buy a gardens ticket and explore the green oasis. There are also extended tours, lasting up to three hours, many of which wrap up your visit with a massage in the Hammam Arab Baths. 

Browse all of the available tour options to buy a range of Alhambra Granada tickets (skip-the-queue anyone?).

Tours Surrounding The Alhambra

Moorish poets famously described the Alhambra as a “pearl set in emeralds”. The “pearl” may have been the Alhambra palace, and the emeralds could have been the Alhambra castle walls. Alternatively, they could have meant, the “pearl” is the entire Alhambra, and the emeralds are Granada. It would make sense. That’s why there are tours available to showcase the other-worldly city of Granada.

Explore the undulating corridors and backstreets of the iconic site. Visit the “souk” markets, the Albaicín (the Medival Moorish district in Granada), the Monasterio de San Jerónimo and so much more! Don’t be mistaken in thinking a trip to the Alhambra is just a trip to the Alhambra. The sights don’t finish when your tour of the Alhambra ends. There is plenty more to see to keep you busy for days.


Alhambra Tour & Ticket Highlights

  • Visit the Nasrid Palaces, also known as “The Royal Complex”. Here, you’ll explore the three main parts: Mexuar, Serallo and the Harem.
  • See where business was conducted (and learn about what type of business it was) in a tour of the Mexuar.
  • Visit the Patio de Los Arrayanes (Court of the Myrtles) and hear about Yusuf I, the sultan of Granada, who commissioned it.
  • Admire the “Court of Lions” (and the “Fountain of the Lions” in the center of the court) which has 124 columns supporting a gallery.
  • Enter the “Hall of the Abencerrajes”. Listen to the legend of the last sultan of Granada and how he massacred his guests in the same hall.
  • Explore the most famous part of the Alhambra, the “Palacio de Generalife”, also known as the “garden of the architect.

When is the best time to visit the Alhambra? 

  • There is no “best time” as such. All the seasons have their advantages and disadvantages. In summer, it will be warmer of course, but it will also be busier (the converse is true for winter).
  • Regarding the best time within the day: again, that’s a personal question and there’s no definitive answer. The good news is you can choose the exact time slot you would like to visit the Alhambra. You can even book a night visit

So, what are you waiting for then? Book your Alhambra tickets and experience all of its wonders, from the Nasrid palaces to the Fountain of Lions; you will be glad you came!

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