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When you visit the Spanish city Granada, don’t leave before seeing one of the world-famous flamenco dances! Watching an authentic flamenco show is one of the highlights of any trip to the Andalucia region of Spain. This unique art form combines sensual dancing and haunting guitar music and is a common feature at gypsy weddings. When it comes to flamenco Granada has some of the best clubs and venues in the country. Book your flamenco tickets, Granada is waiting for you!

Granada is famous for its Moorish architecture, including the UNESCO world heritage site the Alhambra and for its flamenco dancing. Which are the best venues in the city for watching a live show? Whether you are looking for the oldest flamenco, a club with a dinner dance show, or maybe a lesson so you can try it out yourself! We’re here to help you find the best flamenco in Granada

Firstly though...

What is Flamenco?

Flamenco is an art form using song, dance and guitar to create an expression of deep emotions and tell a story through music. The dancers (women) wear the iconic red and black dresses and the guitar players (mostly men) also wear these strong colors and hats. The dance combines weaving hand movements, clapping and foot stomping. Flamenco is often connected to “duende”: the Spanish expression for heightened emotion. 

The Best Place to see Flamenco in Granada

Granada has a variety of venues famous around all of Spain for its unique and flamboyant flamenco shows. Some of the best flamenco Granada has to offer are in caves! An underground, stone-walled and ancient cave - what better place to experience Spain’s most famous cultural art form?

The Maria la Canastera bar showcases fabulous flamenco shows in a stone cavern adorned with quaint and quirky memorabilia. If you are looking to feast more than your eyes then one great option is the Casa del Arte Flamenco! This popular venue in the beautiful old part of Granada, just meters from the cobbled Plaza Nueva. It aims for a multisensory experience and puts as much effort into the tapas dishes as the dancing. Booking a night full of flamenco and food is the way to go! 

If it's history you are looking for, then reserve tickets to the flamenco show at the Peña la Platería. This ancient venue claims to be the oldest flamenco bar in the world! Not only is it the oldest flamenco, but they also offer classes so you can try it yourself! 

Gypsy Caves in Granada

For a truly unique experience, the best flamenco show in Granada can be found in one of the gypsy caves! The gypsy neighborhood of Sacromonte is a must-visit. You can even enjoy a flamenco show with views of the Alhambra! How’s that for a combo tour! These atmospheric and ancient caves were once the home of Spanish gypsies and now many host dinner and dance shows of flamenco Granada! You can round off the whole experience with a visit to the Flamenco museum in the Sacromonte Caves, and learn all about this fascinating Spanish art form. 

Venta el Gallo Flamenco Show Granada - The Best Granada Flamenco Show

Of all the Sacromonte caves, one of the finest flamenco dancing venues is the Venta (Tavern) El Gallo. The Venta el Gallo is a small and intimate venue that is famous for its quality cuisine. This superb venue boasts stunning views of the Alhambra Palace and offers delicious Andalucian tapas to accompany the dance show. To get one of the best seats at the front reserve your ticket to the show ahead of time. 

All of these top venues for Granada flamenco bars are very popular and sell out fast, so to avoid disappointment make sure you book ahead and guarantee your seat! When it comes to flamenco Granada has everything: dinner and dance combination shows, moonlit dancing in the warm mountain air, and intimate performances in underground taverns. Choose the flamenco show best suited for your Granada vacation! 

What does flamenco dancing represent?

No one knows exactly where flamenco dancing came from. It is thought to be a mixture of many cultures from around the world, including Cuban, Moroccan and Latin American traditions and music. It is a three-part cultural art form, combining guitar music, dance and song.

What part of Spain is famous for flamenco dancing?

Andalucia in southern Spain is the birthplace of flamenco dancing. Today, Andalucia, especially the cities of Seville, Granada and Cordoba continue to be the most famous for this passionate and sensuous art form.

What makes Flamenco unique? 

The complicated rhythm of flamenco music sets it apart from other Spanish song and dance forms. It is also this unique rhythm that links it to the Spanish gypsy community. 

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