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Flamenco Granada Reviews
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Flamenco Granada

When you visit the Spanish city of Granada, you must experience the energy of the world-famous flamenco dance shows! Flamenco is an art form using dance and guitar to create an expression of deep emotions and tell a story through music. Watching an authentic flamenco show is one of the highlights of any trip to the Andalucia region of Spain. This unique art form and common feature at gipsy weddings, combines sensual dancing and haunting guitar music

Find the best flamenco show in Granada here.

Book your flamenco tickets, Granada is waiting for you! 

When it comes to flamenco Granada has some of the best clubs and venues in the country. Some of the best flamenco Granada has to offer are in caves! An underground, stone-walled and ancient cave. Whether you are looking to trace back the flamenco history in the oldest flamenco cave, watching a dinner dance show in a club, or maybe whilst taking a flamenco lesson, Granada has it all! So, what are you waiting for to experience Spain’s most famous cultural art form?

Flamenco Granada: Highlights

#Flamenco Cuevas

Flamenco Show Granada Tips

Prepare Your Flamenco Show Visit

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Dance & Music Shows

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March - October

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Flamenco Granada: Highlights

  • Feel like Maria Cortes Heredia, one of the city’s most famous flamenco stars, when watching a show at her former family cave home: Zambra Maria la Canastera.
  • Relive the birth of the Zambra style of flamenco in, what many people consider one of the best place to see flamenco in Granada, Venta El Gallo. The small and intimate venue offers delicious Andalusian tapas to accompany the dance show. 
  • Attend El Tabanco Granada club and delight your ears with the sounds of singers and musicians that gather to play for small crowds almost every night.
  • Immerse yourself in flamenco history while visiting the oldest flamenco club, Peña la Platería. You can even take flamenco guitar and singing classes to learn the basics!
  • Round off your experience with a visit to the Flamenco museum in the Sacromonte Caves, and learn all about this fascinating Spanish art form.

#Flamenco Cuevas

The Gypsy caves in Granada or Cuevas (like Spanish natives call them) are picture-perfect for social media. Here are some ideas for you to capture the experience: 

  • The first time you see the best flamenco show in Granada, make sure to capture the perfect shot of the flamenco dancer as her dress moves around to the beat.

  • Look out for decorative copper pots on the washed walls, add a filter to give a rustic and local feel to your photo.

  • Peña la Platería, set in the Albaicín district next to the palace and fortress complex, offers stunning views of the Alhambra. Snap that panoramic shot!

  • Get yourself a polka dot dress and capture yourself striking the classic flamenco dance pose.

Choose your best snap from one of the most instagrammable venues in the city listed above. Post it on your IG, and tag #dotravelgram to be featured!

Flamenco Show Granada Tips

  • If you’re looking for non touristy flamenco shows Granada has to offer; then you’ll want to head over to bars called Peñas. These typical bars are where the locals hang out, although some of them only play music rather than put on a show. When you book your flamenco show ticket, you're guaranteed the full performance.

  • If you’d like to experience flamenco shows in a different venue, La Casa del Arte Flamenco is the place to go. Instead of a cave setting, the Casa del Arte is decked out with theatre seats and a stage.

  • In most venues, you can enjoy a show and a full-course dinner. Reserve your authentic flamenco Granada tickets in advance.

Prepare Your Flamenco Show Visit

  • All of these top venues for Granada flamenco bars are very popular and sell out fast, so to avoid disappointment, make sure you book ahead to guarantee your seat!
  • Flamenco caves are quite small and therefore, it’s recommended to arrive early and choose a seat where you can fully appreciate the dance. For flamenco nights to remember, book one of the private group shows with dinner and transport.
  • When it comes to a flamenco show Granada has everything: enjoy a dinner and dance combination show, moonlit dancing in the warm mountain air, or intimate performances in underground taverns. Choose the flamenco show best suited for your Granada vacation! 


Where is flamenco dancing most popular in Spain?

Andalucia in southern Spain is the birthplace of flamenco dancing. Today, the cities of Seville, Granada, and Cordoba continue to be the best places to see flamenco; enjoy the passionate and sensual art.

What is the most important part of flamenco?

The complicated rhythm of flamenco music sets it apart from other Spanish songs and dance forms. The dance combines weaving hand movements, clapping, and foot-stomping. Flamenco is often associated with “Duende”: the Spanish expression for heightened emotion. Book your ticket today and experience the best Flamenco Granada. 

How long is a flamenco show?

Flamenco shows themselves usually last around 50–70 minutes. Shows that include dinner last for roughly 2–3 hours. Reserve your flamenco tickets Granada has and get ready for an unforgettable night. 

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