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Dali Museum Girona


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Dali Museum Girona Reviews
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Dali Museum Girona

Are you ready for a dive into the world of surrealist fantasies and breathtaking art? If so, then a visit to the Salvador Dali Museum Girona offers is an absolute must! Explore the world’s biggest collection of works by the renowned visionary - careful, the experience may be highly enjoyable and even life-changing!

Book your Dali Museum Girona tickets now;

Don’t miss the chance to discover the legacy of the legendary surrealist!

Located in the Catalan city of Figueres, the Dalí Theatre-Museum itself is a piece of art! More than a million visitors flock from all over the world to explore every single corner of the architectural marvel designed by Dalí himself. As the maestro once said, “the people who come to see it will leave with the sensation of having had a theatrical dream.” Oil paintings, objects of optical illusion, jewelry - travel through the multifaceted career of Dali with the best of his works!

Since the museum is one of the most visited attractions in the region, make sure you make reservations online in advance. Tickets do sell out fast! Besides, the available options may also include guided visits to other Catalan cities. With the Salvador Dali Museum, discover the country in the most inspirational way!

Dalí Museum Tour: Highlights

#Capture #Salvador Dali Girona

Girona Museum Dali: What To Expect

Visit Museu Dali: Know Before You Go

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Art & Medieval Architecture

Activity Type

Dali Museum Visit

Yearly Visitors

1.2 Million +

High Season

July & August

Currency Required

European Euro

Time Zone

GMT +2:00

Dalí Museum Tour: Highlights

  • Make the most of your experience with a guided tour from Barcelona to the Figueres Theater Museum of Dali. Feast your eyes on the painter’s most essential pieces in the company of a local expert!

  • To enhance the traveling experience, combine your guided visit of Dali Museum with a Girona and Figueres tour from Barcelona. Visit the stunning Girona Cathedral, wander the historic Jewish quarter, and discover famous Game of Thrones locations!

  • Are you willing to unveil more facets of the artist’s life? Book a day trip from Barcelona that includes a visit to Cadaqués. Explore the charming village where Dali would spend his summers as a child! With this day tour, you will get to know a more intimate world of the Catalan genius.

#Capture #Salvador Dali Girona

Whichever experience you choose, get ready for an unforgettable day full of long-lasting impressions! While you are enjoying the offerings in the Dali Museum in Girona, make sure you stop by these highlights from the collection:

  • “Inaugural Gooseflesh” (1928);
  • “Soft Self-Portrait with Fried Bacon” (1941);
  • “Galarina” (1945);
  • “Leda Atomica” (1949);
  • “Galatea of the Spheres” (1952).

Would you like to be featured? Choose the best snap from your Girona and Dali Museum tour, post it on your IG, and tag #dotravelgram.

Girona Museum Dali: What To Expect

  • The world’s most extensive collection of Dali’s paintings;
  • Holographic artworks, optical illusion, and anamorphic art;
  • Objects designed by the artist exclusively for the museum, including the Mae West Room and the Cadillac plujós;
  • Collection of elaborated jewelry products.

Visit Museu Dali: Know Before You Go

  • While it is possible to plan out your visit to the Dali museum on your own, there is nothing like a private guided tour. This way, you can enjoy the comfort of round-trip transportation and take advantage of customized itineraries!

  • Dali Museum Girona tickets can sell out fast, especially during summer months. To secure your spot, make reservations online in advance.

  • Get ready for your perfect day with Señor Dali! Charge your camera’s battery and apply sunscreen if you are traveling in the summer!


How long does it take to see the Dali Museum?

To thoroughly explore the museum’s collection, you may need about 1.5 - 2 hours.

If you are searching for time-saving hacks, keep in mind that some of the guided tours include skip the line tickets. With them, you can avoid long waits at the museum’s entrance and enjoy the experience without organizational stress or unnecessary hassle. 

How far is the Dali Museum from Barcelona?

The approximate distance between Barcelona and the Dali Museum-Theater in Figueres is 143 kilometers.

If you are considering to use public transportation to reach the destination, opt for a high-speed train. The journey will take you about 1 hour. Besides, the museum is located 15 minutes away from the train station.

At the same time, the most convenient way to get around and visit the museum is to take a guided tour from Barcelona. Many offer a hotel pick up, while some of the itineraries also include trips to Cadaques and Púbol!

How much does it cost to go to the Dali Museum?

The Dali Museum Girona entrance fee starts from about € 14 and varies depending on the experience you choose.

The best way to visit the museum and make the most out of your Spanish vacation would be to take a Dali museum and Girona tour. This way, you will not only enjoy the collection of breathtaking surrealist art but also discover the medieval sights of Girona Spain offers.

Besides, some tours can also include a visit to the Dalí house in Portlliga or the Dalí-Gala museum-house in Púbol. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the artist’s habitat while in Catalonia!

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