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Hurray! Stay connected with free wifi Rome!

Visiting Rome means you are walking the city, enjoying the food and soaking in the moment. Being on your smartphone all the time is probably not on your Rome bucket list. However, when you are admiring the Colosseum, Fontana di Trevi or any of Rome’s remarkable beauties, you may feel the urge to upload your snapshot or video to share with your friends. But, where can you connect when you need wifi in Rome?  Many of the main landmarks, parks, museums and cafe’s in Rome provide you with free wifi!

Rome Wifi

Free Italia Wifi is the app you need to download to get 300MB of internet access daily at over 3,000 hotspots in Italy. If you have an Italian phone number, the network called ¨WiFimetropolitano¨ offers you four hours of free Internet daily, at any one of their 1300 hotspots across Rome. Leonardo Da Vinci Airport has free wifi as well, helping you stay online from the moment you land.

Museums & Attractions


Discovering the iconic landmarks, the ancient Roman architecture, and learning all about the Roman Empire will take you back in time. Admire these incredible pieces of art all around the city, as you log into their hotspots.

A few places you can catch the free wifi Rome has is Saint Peter's Square, Trajan's Column, The Trevi Fountain, Piazza di Spagna, Basilica di San Pietro in the Vatican,  The Fountain of the Four Rivers on the Piazza Navona, Villa Borghese and Colosseum Underground to name a few.

In addition to these landmarks, the National Museum of the 21st Century arts -The MAXXI - is one of the best free wifi Rome areas in the city. While you stop and admire the art, or enjoy a snack or two, you are able to log in to wifi too!

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Restaurants, Bars & Cafes


Rome has many options for free wifi while you snack away. Pizzeria Boccione is a landmark on its own, well-known by locals due to its family-friendly vibes, cheap eats, and of course free wifi. For breakfast, lunch, dinner and free wifi Rome brings you Analemma Caffe, a place that pleases everyone's taste.

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A few other recommendations are Barnum; come for breakfast, Caffé Perú; get your South American coffee, Porto Fluviale; enjoy its easy-going vibe and good food. Shopping and wifi go hand in hand at the Cineccitta Due Mall.

Heads up! Unlike most places around Europe, Starbucks and McDonald's don't offer free wifi in Rome.

Public Libraries

*Palazzo della Sapienza

As you tour this breathtaking city, you need to add libraries on your list. The Vatican Library, The Angelica Library, The Senate Library or Casanata Library are masterpieces on their own! You also have access to free wifi in Rome while you visit one of the above Libraries. You really get the best of both worlds!

If you are a university student, you are in luck! Most universities around the world have ¨Eduroam¨, meaning that if you have a university student account or access to one, you can log in with your account. Absolutely free!

Rome City Markets 

Porta Portese Market is the most famous and largest market in Rome. Over a mile long, its endless stalls will keep you entertained several hours. If carpets, materials, antique goods and clothes aren't your thing, free wifi in Rome might be. Open Sundays from 5 am to 2 pm,
get the insider's look at a traditional market and get online fast and free.

Another market place that you can find free wifi in Rome is Campo de Fiori. This 400-year-old market is a must-see! Farmer Market cuisine included, it is also a hotspot to access the web.

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