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City Lights - Viale Vaticano 104, Coffee Bar Paolo (Italy)


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Located north of the ancient city of Rome sits the glorious Vatican City, one of the most sacred places in Christian history. The artistic and architectural marvels that hide inside attest to its formidable historical and spiritual heritage. There is no need to be religious to appreciate the art and architectural masterpieces of the finest Italian masters. Pre-book Vatican tickets online including Sistine Chapel tickets will give you access to all Vatican museums, Sistine Chapel, as well as St. Peters Basilica. In addition to all that, you will be let to enter at 8:00 am, a full hour before the door opens officially and the crowds conquer the tranquillity.


The Vatican enjoys thousands of daily visitors no matter the time of year. Its no surprise! Its religious, historical, and artistic appeal is of international proportions. You could say, the St Peter's Basilica Museum and Vatican Museum are the must-dos of your trip to Rome. Consequently, the ticket office is drowning in demand overload on a daily basis. The museum tickets sell out outrageously quickly.

Imagine waiting in a queue that doesnt seem to be moving forward at all just standing there exposed to crowds as well as the whims of the weather for hours! Surely not an experience anybody wants to associate with their vacations!

Buy Vatican Tickets online with VIP early access with us will keep you safe from the anxiety, boredom, sore feet, and frustration. In addition to the fast track access to the museum in Rome, our Vatican ticket price includes an early access privilege and update to Vatican tours at any time. This is priceless when it comes to visiting the Sistine Chapel. The chapel is really small, and the crowd never stops streaming in. During the day you are pushed out of there way too quickly.

Letting you enter the place one hour in advance general public give you chance to appreciate the Sistine Chapel in the peace and tranquility this work of art truly deserve.

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History Sneak Peek

The Vatican City sits on the banks of the Tiber River and watches Rome from the top of a hill. This little corner of the world hides one of the most far-reaching and extraordinary pasts. 

Today, the Vatican serves as the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church as well as home to the Pope and the College of Cardinals. Although we know it as Vatican City, since 1929, it is a Sovereign State. This fact makes it the smallest country in the world!

Nowadays, Vatican has around nine hundred full-time residents and around three thousand commuting workers.

The city hugs St Peters Basilica standing proudly at its very center. Overlooking the Chapel and St Peter Square, this exquisite building is a combination of efforts of great artists including Raphael rooms, Michelangelo, Bramante, Bernini, and Maderno. The Basilica stands guard to the tomb of St Peter the Apostle and is the largest religious construction on Earth.

Despite its symbolic size, the Vatican state enjoys its own telephone system, gardens, post office, astronomical observatory, radio station, a banking system, and a pharmacy! On the other hand, the state has to import almost all the essential goods like water, food, gas, and electricity.

Plus, the country banking operations have been public since the 1980s it earns its income from voluntary contributions. if you are interested in finding out more about Vaticans history or its landmarks, pick up an audio guide!

Book in advance Vatican Museum tickets online including Vatican Sistine Chapel tickets with a VIP early access today and ensure your visit will be unforgettable and hassle-free.

Before You Go

  • Please arrive at the meeting point 30 minutes before your chosen time so you do not lose your time slot.
  • A student must carry ID to collect the tickets
  • Cover your knees and shoulders
  • Due to special events enter the Vatican Museums may be restricted
  • Under 26s discount valid for student ID holders (passports not accepted).

What is Included

  • Fast track tickets for Vatican and Sistine Chapel
  • Reservation fees and Taxes
  • Tour guide (unless option selected)
  • Audio guide (unless option selected)

Meeting Point/ Departure Point

City Lights - Viale Vaticano 104, Coffee Bar Paolo (Italy)


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The Vatican is most beautiful museum I ever saw. amazing visit.


its' very busy so I suggest you take this fast-track ticket. really help when you see a long line front of Vatican museum.


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Museum is so beautiful so don't waste your time standing in queue.


Vatican city can be one of the most visited palace in whole Europe. Long queue for tourist to visit museums. skip the line vatican museum entrance ticket is the only option.


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