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★ ★ ★ ★ ★    5 Reviews

Rome Silver VisitPass: Castel St'Angelo and St Peter's Basilica

Visit St Peter's Basilica and Castel St Angelo, two of the most amazing sites of Rome and skip the queue with the Rome tourist pass (Rome VisitPass Silver).

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Rome Silver VisitPass: Castel St'Angelo and St Peter's Basilica

★ ★ ★ ★ ★    5 Reviews
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
€ 44
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Rome, an exciting mix of ancient ruins, exquisite art, lively streets and lingering romance. Across the river from its iconic city center sits the Vatican, a walled city-state - a country within a country. This smallest sovereign state in the world sitting atop a low hill just a step away from Tiber river. At its core towers St Peter’s Basilica and Piazza San Pietro featuring several of Italy’s most famous masterpieces while serving as the heart of Catholic Church… Definitely a sight that should not be missed! However, the vast number of visitors make it quite complicated. That is unless you have a special Rome tourist pass that helps you out!

Don’t wait in a long and winding line, instead, skip… a heartbeat as you stand awed by the heavenly grandeur of St. Peter’s Basilica. Plus, afterward, you are free to indulge in the story-pepper halls of Castel Sant’Angelo. All that in a company of a smart POP audio guide! [readmore]
Silver VisitPass is a Rome tourist pass that gives you a privilege of dedicated access to the most visited basilica in Europe as well as entry to the legendary fortress, a papal refuge in time of need. Do not wait, do experience!

How does it work?

  • Click “Book” and select the date and time you wish to start your sightseeing journey
  • Select the number of passes 
  • Complete your online purchase
  • Upon your arrival in Rome visit the indicated office 
  • Provide your booking reference number or QR code and claim your pass
  • Select your itinerary for every attraction
  • Enjoy!
Read more

Dedicated Entry to St. Peters Basilica with POP Audio Guide
Castel Sant Angelo Entry with POP Audio Guide
POPGuide App
Guide to Using POP Guide App (smartphone required)

Not Included
Hotel pickup and drop-off
Skipping security check
Food and Beverage


★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Value for Money
Overall Experience

Collection Point

Key Details
Monday - Sunday
Collection point: Savelli Gallery - Piazza Papa Pio XII, 1, 00193, Rome (In front of St Peter's Basilica)
Group: Max 25 people

Before You Go

Each of the attractions has an assigned meeting point. There, you can collect your physical ticket and receive personal assistance from one of our representatives who will escort you to the correct entrance. Please, do not use VisitPass cards to enter the sites.

Before you leave the office please ensure you have selected itinerary for each activity included in your pass.

Meeting Point for St. Peter’s Basilica provides WiFi service and restroom access

Ensure your smartphone is charged to use the POP audio guide during your visit

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Visitpass Highlights

Rome offers a plethora of activities and top attractions. So, there are many tickets and tours to queue for and purchase. Rome tourist pass makes your life a whole lot easier, giving you one key to several attractions:

Rome Silver VisitPass is a basic pass offering you an unhindered experience of the St Peter’s Basilica (including dedicated access) and Castel Sant’Angelo both with a practical POP audio guide you can download straight to your smartphone!

What is dedicated access you ask? 

On the time and date you selected, you will not join the queue to enter the basilica. Instead, you will go to the indicated meeting point where you receive tourist assistance. Better yet, free wifi and restrooms are available here! You can download your POP guide and enter the Basilica via and exclusive entry point. Just a quick security check and you are in!
After your visit of St Peter’s Basilica, the Castel Sant’Angelo is just a stone’s throw away. The ticket lets you enter without delay and explore this intriguing castle at your own pace with a wonderfully descriptive audio guide. Rome travel pass saves you both time and money! 

History Sneak Peek

As you will discover on your journey with Rome attractions pass, St Peter’s Basilica has a winding history. A church stood at that precise location for centuries. However, the works on the basilica that stands there today began “only” in 1506 and finished in 1626. Several renown artist and architects of the time made their mark on the church. Its name honors Saint Peter, one of Jesus’s disciples and founders of the Catholic Church, who was martyred for his faith. In fact, his tomb resides right under the basilica. When inside, watch out for St. Peter’s Baldachin by Bernini and La Pietà by Michelangelo. Also, don’t forget to touch the right foot of the statue of Saint Peter on his throne, it brings good luck!

As for Castel Sant’Angelo (otherwise known as Hadrian’s Mausoleum), you are in for an exciting story. The original building was commissioned by the famous emperor Hadrian and was designed to function as a family mausoleum. 

Years later, during the works on the Aurelian Walls, the engineers fortified Hadrian’s mausoleum and incorporated it into the city’s defensive wall. From that point on, it the castle slowly transformed into an unbeatable fortress.

So, when it was acquired by the papacy in the 13th century, the fort was used as a hideout in times of danger. Actually, the secret corridor connecting the castle with the Vatican called Passetto di Borgo still exists! What would a pope need to hide? For instance, Pope Clement VII and his Swiss Guards hid in the castle to escape the army of Charles de Bourbon during the legendary sacking of Rome in the 16th century. Today, the castle serves as a lovely museum called Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant'Angelo. It’s a one of a kind experience absolutely worth having. Plus, it’s not as mainstream as some of the other Rome attractions so you won’t have fight for space with other visitors. 

With Rome tourist pass, you get to skip the jaw-dropping queue to St Peter’s Basilica and enjoy listening to a fabulous audio guide. Castel Sant’Angelo tickets with POP guide will be waiting to be enjoyed right after! 

Book your Rome Silver VisitPass today! If you want to see more you can always gold for the Gold VisitPass including Vatican Museums or Platinum VisitPass including Colosseum tickets and live tours!

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