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Castel Sant'Angelo Tickets And Tours

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Castel Sant'Angelo Reviews
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Based on 56 Reviews

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excellent
Excellent travel experience

Great experience with a lot of fun and history


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excellent
Amazing Segway tour with Mario

We had a great Segway tour with Mario around Trastevere. Not only was Mario a perfect tour guide but he was also brilliant at making us feel comfortable on the segways, as we were novices. Very fun and informative tour!!


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excellent
Rome Pass

i am happy with the pass, I was looking for something which covers the whole rome. i think it's easier and save time to collect tickets from a different address.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excellent

This was our favorite tour. Our guide was so expressive, interesting and fun!


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excellent

Delivers what is promised. Would recommend!


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excellent
Wonderful tour

It was our first Segway experience and we had a great time! One hour is perfect to get a first impression on Trastevere and Marco had some really good recommendations for where to go for lunch and dinner afterwards!


Visit Castel Sant Angelo

Castel Sant Angelo, or “Castle of the Holy Angel” is much more than a castle. Since 123 AD this imposing building has been a prison, a fortress for fleeing popes, and most famously, the mausoleum of Emperor Hadrian. The legendary Castle on the bank of the Tiber River has a secret passageway to St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, along the “Passetto” or Borgo Corridor. With the right Castel Sant Angelo tickets, you can access this hidden passage and walk along the same tunnel that Popes Alexander VI and Clement VII used to escape from intruders, mobs and killers.

Cross the Angeli Bridge - Book your Castel Sant Angelo skip the line tickets and enter through the secret passage. 

Get ready to travel back through time on an exhilarating Castel Sant Angelo tour! Did you know? Castel St Angel changed from the mausoleum of Hadrian to a papal fortress after the angelic vision of Pope Gregory the Great. During the Great Plague of Rome, he saw Archangel Michael standing on top of the Mausoleum waving his flaming sword. A sign that the Plague was about to end? And so it did! Also, the Chamber of Ashes was used to house the remains of the imperial family. For more legends, myths and historical facts behind the “Castel Sant Angelo Roma” make your way to the banks of the Roman river. 

Castel St Angelo Rome: Highlights

#CastelSantAngelo: Timeless Beauty

Book Castel Sant Angelo Tickets Online

“Castelo Santo Angelo”: What’s Nearby?

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Known For

Art & Architecture

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Castel Sant Angelo Tour

Yearly Visitors

1.2 Million +

High Season

July & August

Currency Required

European Euro

Time Zone

GMT +2:00

Castel St Angelo Rome: Highlights

  • Eclectic collection: explore the strange and wonderful items from Roman history, like the bust of Hadrian and frescoes of his swashbuckling exploits. Try to spot the 17th-century painting of a Bacchanale by Poussin and also don’t miss the huge crossbow that fired javelins! 
  • The Hall of Urns: the sacred and holy part of the Castel Santangelo, this is the room where the ashes and burnt remains of the Emperor’s family were kept. 
  • The Armory: head up to the fourth floor and stand in what was once the military base of the Castillo San Angelo.
  • The Bastions: once upon a time they served to give the castle a more defensive appearance. Now, they offer some incredible views over the River Tiber (especially from the St. Matthew Bastion and the San Giovanni Bastion).
  • Sant Angelo Bridge: this iconic city bridge is adorned with sculptures of angels. 
  • Terrace of the Angel: climb to the fifth floor when you visit the Castle, and consequently you will be rewarded with some of the best views of Rome. The panoramic terrace guarded by the statue of Archangel Michael has panoramic views all around the Eternal City. 

#CastelSantAngelo: Timeless Beauty

Cherish your memories of the Eternal City with these instaworthy shots of the Castillo San Angelo.  

  • The Prison: from which Giacomo Puccini's Tosca jumped to her death in the famous opera.
  • Borgo Corridor: get a shot of the infamous Passetto used by escaping Popes. Remember to turn on your flash! 
  • Moonlit Castillo de Sant Angelo: time your visit to the Castel Sant Angelo, and watch the sunset over the Tiber River. Therefore you can see the dramatic Castle lit up against the evening sky. 

Got a winner? Choose your best snap from one of the three most instagrammable spots listed above, post it on your IG, and tag #dotravelgram to be featured. 

Book Castel Sant Angelo Tickets Online

  • The official ticket office does not accept card, so come prepared with euros (or buy online in advance). 
  • For large groups, advance booking is recommended (especially if you want to reserve audio guides or do one of the Castel Sant Angelo tours). 
  • There is free wifi in the Castel Sant Angelo interior, where you can also download the app to navigate the site.
  • Alongside the permanent collection, the Castel San Angelo National Museum will have temporary exhibitions. These may require a separate ticket; check online to see what will be showing during your visit! 
  • There are seven different levels of the Castel Sant Angelo Rome. To fully appreciate one of Rome’s most important historic landmarks, set aside roughly two hours for your visit.  
  • Summer nights: During the summer months (from early July to September) Castel St Angelo opening hours change. You can visit the Castle between 8:30 pm and 1:00 am in the morning! This is above all recommended. There are fewer people and the floodlit views of the Eternal City under the starry sky are beyond compare. *Note, the ticket office closes at midnight. 

“Castelo Santo Angelo”: What’s Nearby?

Castillo Sant Angelo is right in the heart of the Eternal City, which means you can easily combine your visit with a number of other attractions such as Colosseum. Just a short walk away, you will find: 

  • Vatican City: the adjacent papal state has a plethora of architectural and artistic wonders. From the Sistine Chapel to the Vatican Museums. If you time your visit right you could go there via the Borgo Corridor! 
  • Santo Spirito in Sassio Church: a short 8 minute walk away is the beautiful 12th-century titular church.
  • Parco della Mole Adriana: surrounding St Angelos Castle there are beautiful gardens. Perfect for a picnic after your visit! 
  • Piazza Navona: just across the River Tiber is the lively and bustling square lined with restaurants and cafes. 

Want to make the most of your time in the city? Here’s our Quick Tourist Guide to Rome


Do you need Castel Sant Angelo tickets?

To experience the site, you will need to buy Castel Sant Angelo Roma tickets. You can reserve your Castel Sant Angelo tickets online in advance or at the office on arrival.

What is the Castel San Angelo ticket price?

Castel St Angelo Rome tickets are roughly 25 euros. The temporary exhibitions may cost extra.

What are the Castel Sant Angelo Rome opening hours?

The Castel St Angelo hours are from 9.00 am until 7.30 Tuesday to Sunday, but the ticket office closes at 6 30 pm, so plan ahead. There are special evening openings between 8.30 pm and 1.00 am in the summer only.

Wondering how to get to the Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome?

How to reach Castel Sant Angelo depends whether you are coming on public transport, foot or by car. The easiest way to arrive is by Metro Line A: Lepanto stop or by Bus: 62, 23, 271, 982, 280; 40 (Piazza Pia); 34 (Via di Porta Castello stop); 49, 87, 926, 990 (Piazza Cavour, final stop-Via Crescenzio stop); 64, 46 (Santo Spirito stop). If those who want to arrive by Car: Castel Sant’Angelo is not in a restricted traffic area and there is available parking in Piazza Cavour, which is located 200 meters away from Castel Sant’Angelo.

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