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Rome Gold VisitPass: Vatican, Pantheon and St Peter's Basilica

Enjoy the most amazing monuments in all of Rome! Visit St Peter's Basilica and Pantheon and skip the queue with the Rome museum pass (Rome VisitPass Gold).

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Rome Gold VisitPass: Vatican, Pantheon and St Peter's Basilica

★ ★ ★ ★ ★    5 Reviews
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
€ 125
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Rome is an exciting collage of ruins, art, vibrant street life and gastronomy. Two of its most renown staples include the ancient Colosseum and the Vatican City overlooking Rome from Vatican Hill. Colosseum storied history has made it one of the most visited attractions in Rome while the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica are not far behind. More often than not, the number of curious visitors make it quite troublesome to get in. Plus, all the different tickets, entrances and rules can give one a headache. That is unless you get your hands on a special Rome museum pass!

Don’t let your ice-cream melt as you wait for hours to get in. Instead, let the Roman attractions melt your heart. Treat yourself to a Rome museum that saves you from hours of queuing. [readmore]
 Rome Gold VisitPass offers a dedicated fast-track access to the most awe-inspiring of Vatican treasures including the Vatican Museums, Sistine chapel as well as St. Peter’s Basilica. Though, your golden adventure doesn’t stop there! Dive even deeper into Rome’s history with tickets to Castel Sant’Angelo, Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

That seems like quite a good deal, but we are not done yet! Rome Gold VisitPass comes with incredible POP audio guides for all of the mentioned attractions as well as the ancient Pantheon. Plus, you are free to use the POP Guide app map - an interactive map full of sightseeing suggestions, interesting, exciting information, and discounts that POP out as you walk through the city.

How does it work?

  • Click “Book” and select the date and time you wish to collect your pass
  • Select the number of passes 
  • Complete the online purchase
  • Upon your arrival in Rome visit one of our offices
  • Provide your booking reference number or QR code and claim your pass
  • Select your itinerary 
  • Enjoy!
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Dedicated Access to St. Peter’s Basilica with POP Audio Guide
Castel Sant’Angelo fast track entry and POP Audio Guide
Pantheon with POP Audio Guide
Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel fast track entry with POP Audio Guide
Colosseum fast track entry with POP Audio Guide
Roman Forum fast track entry with POP Audio Guide
Palatine Hill fast track entry with POP Audio Guide
Public transport ticket valid for unlimited metro, bus, and train travel within Rome for 72 hours from the initial validation
Rome digital Guided Tour App
Roma Pass

Not Included
Skipping security check
Hotel pickup and drop-off
Food and Beverage
Travel Insurance


★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Value for Money
Overall Experience

Collection Point

Key Details
Collection point: Vicolo Farinone, 27 - 00192 Roma, Italy
Group: Max 25 people

Before You Go

Each of the attractions has an assigned meeting point where you should collect your physical ticket and receive personal assistance from one of our representatives who will escort you to the correct entrance. Please, do not use VisitPass cards to enter the sites

Before you leave the office please ensure you have selected itinerary for each activity included in your pass

Meeting Point for St. Peter’s Basilica provides WiFi service and restroom access

Ensure your smartphone is charged to use the POP audio guide during your visit

In order to listen to the audio guide it is required to the customer to have a smartphone or a tablet

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Visitpass Highlights

This Rome tourist pass helps save a great deal of time, money and hassle. With Rome Gold VisitPass you secure access to most of the attractions in advance and are free to set your itinerary upon arrival to Rome. 

The experiences that wait to be unraveled with this Rome Museum pass include

All of these entry tickets come hand in hand with a practical audio guide: POP Guide. You can download POP Guide into your smartphone and enjoy all of the sites with a detailed, knowledgeable commentary in several different languages. Besides the audio guide to St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, Castel Sant’Angelo and the Colosseum the Rome Gold VisitPass also treats you to an audio guide to the ancient Pantheon.

That’s not all though! Your Rome card will also come with access to the incredible map feature of POP Guide application. It's an interactive map that includes interesting information about the city and all its sights. It can suggest you the best sightseeing routes as well as the best and fastest ways to get places. Plus, you will get access to many offers and discounts from local businesses. It’s the perfect way to create a self-guided city sightseeing experience. 
The cherry on top? Your Rome and Vatican pass also includes 48-hour transport ticket valid for unlimited metro, bus, and train travel within Rome for 48 hours from the initial validation.

History Sneak Peek

The ancient city of Rome, thanks to its long and eventful history, has plenty to offer for exploration. One of the most visited places in Rome is the Vatican City. It sits on the low Vatican hill on the banks of the river Tiber. Looking at its bare walls from the outside, one could hardly guess historical, artistic and religious richness that hides behind. Millions of visitors come to marvel at its treasures every year. 

How did it all come together?

Although it has the word “city” in its name, the Vatican is actually a sovereign state, the smallest one in the whole world. Its official name is the State of the Vatican City, and its political body is led by the Pope. Despite its centuries-long history, the state is quite young as the treaty that sealed its independence was only signed in 1929. 

However, its art and architecture is a compilation of centuries of creativity and craftsmanship. Many of its greatest treasures come from the 9th and 10th centuries all the way to the Renaissance period as that’s when the Vatican reached the height of its political power. In fact, the popes had gradually taken control over the surrounding regions creating the so-called Papal States. The architecture, sculptures, and paintings that awe the visitors to this day come from these the golden years. For instance, you can admire the works of Michelangelo, Raphael, and Sandro Botticelli.

Other sites on your Rome Gold VisitPass are Castel Sant’Angelo and the Pantheon. Castel Sant’Angelo has quite a history transforming from family mausoleum to a fort to a refuge for Popes in times of danger. 

 Though, if you are looking for the most ancient of sights, Pantheon is what you should visit. It’s the oldest well-preserved building in Rome. While the entry is free, the VisitPass provides you with the POP audio guide to learn more about its history. 

Book your Vatican pass today and discover the best of Rome with ease!

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