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Rome Travel Pass: Platinum VisitPass


St. Peter’s Basilica Live Guided Tour with Dedicated Access
Castel Sant’Angelo entry with POP Audio Guide
Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel Live Guided Tour
Pantheon Live Guided Tour
Colosseum Live Guided Tour
Public transport ticket valid for unlimited metro, bus, and train travel within Rome for 72 hours from the initial validation
CityPASS application service access
Guide to Using CityPASS

Not Included

Pickup and Dropoff


Last Minute Ticket
Guarantee Entrance
Fast Track Access Ticket
Audio Guide - Headphones
Mobile Voucher
Printed Voucher
Easy Cancellation

Key Details

Monday - Sunday
Collection point: Savelli Gallery, Visit Europa Today - Piazza Papa Pio XII, 1, 00193, Rome
Group: Max 25 people

Before You Go

Each of the attractions has an assigned meeting point where you should collect your physical ticket and receive personal assistance from one of our representatives who will escort you to the correct entrance. Please, do not use VisitPass cards to enter the sites

Before you leave the office please ensure you have selected itinerary for each activity included in your pass

Meeting Points for St. Peter’s Basilica and Pantheon provide WiFi service and restroom access


Rome Travel Pass: Platinum VisitPass

A vibrant collage of ancient ruins, awe-inspiring art and dynamic street life, Rome is one most intriguing cities in the world. Given its 3000 years of history, Rome’s cityscape offers quite a spectacle. Millions of visitors a year flock in the city eager to unravel whatever secrets Rome has in store. So, sometimes things get a little crowded. However, there is a way you can forget about the crowds and queues that take away your patience. Rome travel pass comes to the rescue! After all, it’s much more fun having your breath taken away by the wonders of the Eternal City! 

The city of Rome travel pass or, officially, Rome Platinum VisitPass is a small key to big experiences that lets you fit the whole of Rome into your pocket, literally. Just dive in and be humbled by the ancient icons such as the Pantheon, Colosseum and Roman Forum and let them transport you to Rome’s golden age as the capital of the world (caput mundi). Marvel at the vastness of Vatican museums, be dazzled by the serene mastery of the Sistine Chapel, and admire the divine mindfulness of St. Peter’s Basilica crowning the city skyline. 

Visit all these captivating places without rush, hassle, and confusion. In fact, with our Rome attractions pass, you can enjoy privileged entries, insights of expertly guided live tours and practical knowledge of POP audio guide that goes where you go! Additionally, you are free to make the most of the CityPass app - a smart, interactive map boasting with sightseeing suggestions, useful information and a variety of discounts that pop up as you make your way through the city. 

Last but not least, the Platinum VisitPass comes with a 3-day pass for all types of public transportation within the city limits, allowing you to explore unhindered. 

 How does it work?
  • Click “Book” and select the date and time you wish to collect your pass
  • Select the number of passes 
  • Complete the online purchase
  • Upon your arrival in Rome visit one of our offices
  • Provide your booking reference number or QR code and claim your pass
  • Select your itinerary 
  • Enjoy!


Our Rome travel pass is a great way to save yourself time and unnecessary trouble. With Rome Platinum VisitPass, you are not only securing access to the top attractions in Rome in advance but also signing up for an array of worthy perks. 

 The Platinum VisitPass treats you to professional live guided tours that will: 

  • Untangle the knotted bundle of stories and legends that surround the Colosseum
  • Make sense of the vast collection and artistic genius behind Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel
  • Walk you through the 2000-years-old mindblowing architectural achievement that is the Pantheon 

Furthermore, it allows you to dig deeper into Roman history with the help of a smart audio guide - POP Guide. POP Guide is an application loaded with knowledge. Our Rome tourist pass helps you unlock: 

  • The history that shaped St. Peter’s Basilica and the artistic treasures that dwell inside.
  • Secrets hidden behind the tall walls of Castel Sant’Angelo, the legendary Hadrian’s Mausoleum turned fort and papal refuge. 

The thread that ties all this together though, is the CityPass application - an interactive city map that keeps you well-informed and aware of all the fun things to do in your proximity. It provides you with sightseeing routes suggestions, best transport options as well as deals and discounts offered by local businesses. 

History Sneak Peek

The city of Rome is the cradle of western civilization, a stepping stone to the world we know today. Indeed, there’s little doubt about that. Its history is what makes this city such a treasure trove for travelers. Rome travel pass seems like a handy way to organize your exploratory quest!

Rome sprouted from a small settlement on the Tiber River in the 8th century BC. The settlement became a city and, eventually, the city became an empire encompassing a vast part of continental Europe, Britain as well as western Asia, northern Africa and the islands in the Mediterranean. Among the many legacies of the legendary Roman dominance are the Romance languages such as French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese which all stem from Latin. Romans are also behind the modern Western alphabet, calendar and the rise of Christianity as a major religion. 

After over 4 centuries of being a republic, Julius Caesar turned Rome into an empire. The long and intelligent reign of its very first emperor, Augustus, started a golden age dominated by peace and prosperity. That’s why the fall of the Roman empire in the 5th century AD was one of the most dramatic implosions in the history of humanity. 

Although Rome never lived up to the imperial size and power, it managed to rise and thrive again influencing the course of history with politics, science, art and religion. The Pantheon reminds us of the old gods and knowledge lost in time; the Colosseum roars with the memories of wild gladiator battles and violent entertainment; The Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel echo with the power and wealth of the Papal States and pursuit of divinity… The list truly never ends. 

So, get a Rome travel pass today and jump into an exciting Roman holiday adventure. Rome Platinum VisitPass makes for a perfect guide!


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