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Things To Do In NAPLES

Naples (Napoli in Italian) is the soul-stirring capital of the Campania region. Being founded by the Greeks as Neapolis (new city) between the 7th and 6th centuries BC, the city boasts an incredible cultural and historical heritage. While its historic city center rightfully bears the UNESCO World Heritage Site denomination, Naples offers elements of both ancient and modern across its diverse neighborhoods. With its captivating energy, compelling art, and even more heart-touching panoramas, it’s hard to be short on interesting things to do in Naples.
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Top things to do in NAPLES

Discover the Fontanelle Cemetery

The makeshift burial site, under Capodimonte hill, is full of plague victims from the seventeenth century. Built into a cave, this may be a slightly morbid attraction, yet the Fontanelle cemetery continues to draw visitors every year. Bet you never knew there was such a collection of bones below the busy streets of Naples. Of all the places to see in Naples, none quite compares to this. A trip below the chaos of this Italian city allows you to dive into the traditions of religion, pagan rituals, and the folklore of the past.

Visit Castel Sant’Elmo

Enjoy panoramic views of Naples from the medieval fortress on Sant Elmo hill. Dating back to 1275, the castle that stands today was formerly a church, constructed in the place of the old Belforte watchtower. From the terrace, you can bask in jaw-dropping views of the bay, as far out as the island of Capri. The views aren’t the only draw for visitors though; the ex-prison turned Neapolitan art museum (Novecento a Napoli Museum) is a mecca for art lovers, and one of the top places to visit in Naples. Paintings, sculptures, and various installations adorn the space. Climb the hill to the top or take the funicular for a smooth journey.

Indulge in Neapolitan Pizza

Naples is famous for countless sites, monuments, and attractions. There are plenty of places to visit in Naples, but none are tastier then indulging in a traditional Neapolitan pizza at one of the local pizzerias. Wander the streets in search of the best pizza and Italian treats. Better yet, join a food tour to guarantee you’ll find the most delicious eats. Many visitors make a stop here merely for the grub, and it’s no wonder why. Once you’ve filled up on your share of traditional Italian food, you’ll be sufficiently fueled to explore all the beautiful places to see in Naples.


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What to do in NAPLES

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Things to do in NAPLES

City of Tales and Legends


Naples’ centuries-long eventful backstory is a nail-biting tale where myths and facts stir and combine into one enchanting whole. The town is riddled with unsolved mysteries and unlikely tales which cast a bewitching spell over the vibrant city. Strolling through the Cimitero delle Fontanelle will have you wondering if the skulls inside boast higher powers. Visiting Castel Nuovo, you will wonder if Queen Joan II really threw her lovers as snacks to a crocodile… the questions swirling through your mind will see no end. 

Historic Heritage


Don’t worry though, Naples is equally good at giving us answers about the lives of people who came before us. The town prides itself on three magnificent castles, two lush royal palaces, and an endless selection of ancient ruins. For instance, The National Archeological Museum of Naples comprises one the best collections of Greek and Roman antiquities in the world, including sculptures, mosaics, gems, silver, glass as well as numerous collections from the nearby city of Pompeii. 


Important churches include Santa Chiara Church which is a part of a larger complex comprising a monastery and archaeological museum; the Naples’ 13th-century Gothic Duomo dedicated to Naples' patron saint, San Gennaro and the medieval San Lorenzo Maggiore hiding Greek and Roman remains underneath. If churches are not exactly your cup of coffee, turn your attention to the Teatro San Carlo (famous for its perfect acoustics and as the best place to hear opera in southern Italy). Stroll down the Spaccanapoli (or Via San Biaggio), the main street dividing Naples in the heart of the historic center; or the Capodimonte Museum and Park (former hunting lodge of King Charles III). And still, we are barely scratching the surface of all the things to do in Naples.  

Culinary Paradise


When your belly starts to rumble after all that sightseeing, Naples won’t let you starve. In fact, you might come across the best food you have ever tasted. Being blessed with a friendly climate and rich volcanic soil, Naples along with the rest of Campania had nature on their side. The local full-flavored staple ingredients are to die for. This is the region to find the best pesto, best pizza, and even the best espresso. There is nothing quite like a Pizza Napoletana fresh from the wood-burning oven. Also be sure to try the delicious eggplant (parmigiana di melanzane), and the famous spaghetti with clams parmigiana (spaghetti alle vongole).


If you tire of sightseeing or the food (though unlikely), shop around! Shopping in Naples takes on a whole new meaning as you hop through the many family-run businesses and artisan workshops. From clothes, through accessories to decorations, the options are endless. 


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