Best Sports Bar Rome: Where to watch football on a Roman Holiday

If you’re in Italy, don’t let the fact that you’re on holiday stop you from catching the game. You can’t let some sightseeing get in the way and if you’re a diehard fan you’ll definitely be chomping at the bit for your football fix. So, those of you who are, head to a sports bar, Rome is littered with them. Here are some of the best.

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1. Hopside

Via Francesco Negri, 39, 00154 Roma 

Craft beer and football, has there ever been a better combination? The answer is no. And, because of that, Hopside is one of the best bars to watch football in, in Rome. Sit inside and suck down quality craft brews from one of their 12 taps. Imagine, watching Belgium play Panama with a beautiful Belgian blonde (beer that is). Sounds pretty great. Hopside also serves up a delicious array of pub type food. We’re talking burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, the lot. So, pull up a chair, order yourself a beer and a burger and settle into the football.

2. Four Green Fields

Via Costantino Morin, 38, 00195 Roma

Isn’t it the worst when you turn up to a bar to watch a game and then someone sits right in front of you. Everytime you crane your neck to get a better view of the game their head still manages to block your line of sight somehow. It gets to the point where you both admire and loathe them. You almost want to tell them, “If there was a World Cup of getting in the way, you’d be champion. No contest.”

Well, Four Green Fields solves that problem. If a place has got screens galore, then it automatically becomes one of the best places to watch football. Or, any sport for that matter. Four Green Fields boasts 12 screens. That’s right, 12. And, seats up to 180 people. It's an Irish bar so expect all the usual suspects when it comes to the beer, including Guinness. And, it serves up standard pub-grub fair alongside traditional Roman classics.

3. Abbey Theatre

Via del Governo Vecchio, 51, 00186 Roma 

This is one of the best places to watch football and is only a short walk from Rome’s Piazza Navona. The pub's name comes from the world-renowned Irish National Theatre. But, here, instead of world-class stage shows, people come to watch world-class football across the pubs 14 TV screens. Couple that with an extensive whiskey menu and you’ve got yourself one a contender for the best sports bar Rome. The Abbey Theatre is made all the better by its dark-wood interiors and fantastic, friendly staff.

4. Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fà

Via Benedetta, 25, 00153 Roma 

Voted one of the best bars in Europe by Rate beer, Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fà is a great place to check out. It is also another place where craft beer reigns supreme. And, another of Rome’s great bars to watch football in. That’s a whole lot of great, isn’t it? Located smack, bang in the middle of Trastevere, Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fà is pretty much always packed to the rafters. You know what they say, a big crowd means a good thing. Screens are limited, but the atmosphere is ripper and the service second to none. If you’re not sure what you’re after, the staff are happy to help guide you to the perfect sudsy tipple. But be sure to head to the bar before halftime to avoid the rush!

5. Hard Rock Cafe

Via Vittorio Veneto, 62a/b, 00187 Roma

What? The Hard Rock isn’t populated by leather-clad rockers drinking pitchers of beer and listening to Metallica. Full blast. On repeat? Well maybe sometimes, but not always. The Hard Rock may not be one of the best bars in Rome, but if you’re after a place to live sports, it’ll definitely do. The great thing about the Hard Rock Cafe is you know exactly what your getting. Beer, snacks, and food all at reasonable prices. For an afternoon of football watching, that’s all you want or need.

6. Druid’s Den

Via di S. Martino Ai Monti, 28, 00184 Roma

Last, but certainly not least is one of Rome’s oldest Irish pub. With a happy hour that runs daily until 8 pm and more sports screens than you can shake a stick at, Druid’s Den is arguably the best sports bar Rome has to offer. They serve food all day, have pool tables and alongside their regular televisions, projector screens. The taps boast all the beers you’re familiar with, Guinness features prominently, as well as a large selection of spirits. Prices are great, service is quick, and the place boasts a lively atmosphere.  

7. The Public House

Via delle Tre Cannelle, 8, 00187, Rome

Located between Piazza Venezia and the Pantheon is The Public House, a fantastic place to head to if you want to watch sports. This place hosts a ton of live events and screens all major sporting events on the many HD-TVs dotted around the venue. For food, it serves up burgers and nachos alongside Italian classics like carbonara. What’s best though, is that they serve Brooklyn East IPA on tap! And, not to worry for those of you after a cocktail The Public House has got you covered. They boast an extensive cocktail list, and drinks made with care and attention by fantastic, friendly staff.

8. Finnegans Irish Pub

Via Leonina, 66, 00184 Roma

Finnegan’s makes the extraordinarily bold statement that they are the ONLY Irish owned pub in all of Rome and Florence. Whether or not this is true, they show football, so ultimately it doesn’t really matter, does it? A stone’s throw from the Colosseum, Finnegan’s is a little slice of Ireland in Rome. Here, you can catch all the premier league and champions league games and for the yanks out there, American football too! Expect all the usual suspects at the bar, including Guinness, of course.

9. La Botticella di Poggi Giovanni

Via di Tor Millina, 32, 00186 Roma

La Botticella di Poggi Giovanni is one of the best bars in Rome. Owned by an Italian who grew up in Canada, this is a comfortably cozy little joint, that serves up a stunning selection of craft beers. From local brews to Belgium classics, there is something for everyone tastes. For live sports events, the bar packs out, and they screen matches on a big projector. At halftime, you can spill out onto the terrace and enjoy the warm evening air. The staff are a knowledgeable bunch quick to lend a helping hand with a drinks recommendation when you’re struggling.

There you have it, a selection of Rome’s best places to watch football and other live sports. You’ll never have to miss a match again. 

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