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Park Guell Tickets with Fast Track Access


Fast Track Guell Park Tickets
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Monday - Sunday
Collection point: Visit Europa Office - Carrer larrard 55, Barcelona (Spain)
Group: Max 25 people

Before You Go

Please arrive at the meeting point 30 minutes before your chosen time so you do not lose your time slot.

A student must carry ID to collect the ticket of Park Guell

Prices for Infants from 0-5 years old: free of charge

Once you leave the Monumental Zone, you will not enter again


Park Guell Tickets with Fast Track Access

Barcelona is a city of bohemian vibes and original architecture. One of its most creative expressions is the unique Park Guell that overlooks the city from one of its many hilltops. Park Guell is a place where the lush greenery of nature meets the colors and fluid shapes of modernist architecture. It’s one of the most renowned works of the epic Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudi. While the larger part of the park remains public, the concentration of principal architectural elements around the main entrance (the monumental zone) has been ticketed due to ever-increasing interest. The best way to ensure you don’t miss out is to buy Gaudi park tickets.

Our Park Guell skip the line tickets guarantee you will enter the park without unnecessary delays. Plus, we provide the option to upgrade to Park Guell guided tours at any moment. With us, you can count on fast-track access and instead of sweating in the queue, dive into the exploration of the Dragon Stairway, Hypostyle Room, and the Nature Square.

Ticket Highlights

Park Guell features on the list of the most impressive parks in the world, and there is a reason for it! Its secret pathways, clandestine benches with views of the city, lovers’ retreats, colorful ceramic mosaics, fluid lines and playful structures make you feel like stepping into a whole new dimension. Even if the part was never finished, there is nothing half-hearted about this place! Its fairytale-like appearance wins over traveler and rewards them with a magical journey.

However, you are not the only one yearning to be charmed away. The lines are ever-present and in the busiest months unbearably long and tiresome. At times even the generous Parc Guell opening times can't satisfy all. Plus, queuing up there means leaving yourself at the mercy of Barcelonian climate. Being on a hill, the park makes the sunshine twice as unbearable and the wind twice as piercing. So, summer has you boiling, and winter leaves you with chattering teeth. But don't worry, not all is lost!


Purchasing Parque Guell Tickets in advance with us will guarantee you a reserved fast-track access. No dragging your feet in a slow queue. Beware, there are different Parc Guell tickets prices for children, adults, seniors, and students so be sure to select the correct one. Also, if your plans change, you can cancel and receive a full refund (if you do so at least a day in advance). And, if you fall in love with the Gaudi’s park, we also offer Sagrada Familia tickets which come with fast-track access as well.

History Sneak Peek

Imagine hiring one of the city's most sought-after architects to design a whole new neighborhood around your house! Well, that is what happened. The park was commissioned by Count Eusebi Guell with an idea of creating a “garden city” where nature and equal housing form a symbiosis. This was in the early 1900s when Barcelona was a booming cosmopolitan metropolis and a fashionable place to live for wealthy families. It was to be a modern community with its own church and even school. However, Gaudi only managed to finish two buildings, the front gate, roads and cover the dry, rocky hill with greenery instead of building the planned 60 villas.




Nobody was interested as there were several issues Count Guell didn’t take into account. First, at the time, the area was too far from the city to be comfortable and convenient. Next, the 60 plots allocated were not that large, so the size of villas was not appealing to the often large families. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the houses had to meet a few design requirements which also didn’t sit well with the rich and wealthy. The Count spent almost all his fortune to make the project work but to no avail. After his death, his heirs decided to get rid of the property once and for all and sold it to the city council.


The houses you will encounter inside the monumental zone include the gatekeeper’s house (also known as gingerbread house); a model house; and Gaudi’s house. Yes, Gaudi used to live in the park though, towards the end, he confined himself to his Sagrada Familia workshop. He donated the house to the Sagrada Familia fund to help support the project. Hence, this is the only part of the Monumental Zone which does not belong to the city council and has a separate entrance fee. The money collected goes into its maintenance and construction of Sagrada Familia. 


This is how, in 1923, Park Guell became city property and, three years later, opened to the public as a municipal park. It became Barcelona’s (and later the world’s) favorite public park. Locals embraced the space and, for many years, enjoyed it for free. However, as its popularity grew and Gaudi’s creations suffered more and more damage, the city council decided to protect the monumental zone of the park. However, the remainder of the hill riddled with paths and peppered with picnic areas is still open to enjoy freely. 


Even if unfinished, Park Guell one of Gaudi's most playful projects featuring columns simulating palm-tree trunks; rubble-surfaced arches growing out of the ground; romantic viaducts; quilts of ceramic tiles; stolen views and more.


These are just a few of the Park Guell facts you will learn during your visit. Pick from the available time slots and set out on this one-of-a-kind Barcelona park tour without spending half of your life in the ticket office queue. Our Park Guell Barcelona tickets are waiting for you! Check out the Park Guell entrance fee and book your visit now.


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