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St Peter's Basilica Tickets + Audio

St Peter's Basilica tickets
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City Lights - Borgo Vittorio 85B, Rome (Italy)


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Guarantee Entrance
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Fast Track Access Ticket
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St Peter's Basilica is a landmark you cannot miss when coming to explore Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel. Our St Peter's Basilica Tickets with an audio guide will allow you to skip the ever-present line and get a fast track access to one of the most visited churches in the world. It can host over 60.000 people and stretches over 22.300 square meters. It will take you minimum one hour to walk from one end to another. If you still have energy left, you pay extra and climb the 491 stairs to the top of Michelangelos dome.

The basilica is a crucial piece in the intricate relief of Romes skyline. Its fame has many people referring to it as St Peters cathedral. However, the official cathedral of Rome is St. John Lateran. Though, we can hardly blame anyone for making this mistake. Exquisite yet formidable, it stands guard in the heart of Vatican City overlooking St Peters Square (Piazza San Pietro). As you enter the square, the statue of St Peter bids you a warm welcome inviting you to ponder over the astounding fountains, Egyptian obelisk, and the remarkable facade of the basilica.


Visiting St Peter's Basilica is one of the must-dos of your trip to the Vatican. However, there is a hook. The Vatican welcomes over five and a half million travelers each year which makes getting inside a tedious and lengthy queuing odyssey. Often, people wait for hours to get inside! Since, officially, entry to the basilica is free of charge, there is no way to book St Peter's Basilica Rome tickets online and reserve your access unless you sign up for a guided tour.

However, purchasing St Peter's Basilica tickets with us lets you get around the system. With us you can book a fast track access, crossing standing in line for hours off of your The Worst Travel Experiences list. This way, you can be sure that by the time you get inside you are not too tired, angry, or stressed to enjoy the visit. We offer a multi-lingual audio guide, easy online booking, and an option for a full refund. You truly got nothing to lose!

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History Sneak Peek

St. Peters Basilica has much to offer to both your eyes and brain thirsty for knowledge and adventure!

Peter was one of the 12 apostles and the first ever pope martyred under the reign of Emperor Nero. A couple of centuries later, Emperor Constantine, the first Christian emperor of Rome, decided to build a church dedicated to Saint Peter on the Vatican Hill, the supposed location of St. Peters tomb.

Nonetheless, the basilica we see today is not the original. The first basilica was an astounding feat of architecture and engineering and stood for over a thousand years. Around that time it started to severely deteriorate, and Pope Julius (the same one who commissioned the painting of the Sistine Chapel) was smart enough to conclude it was beyond repair. Thus, the basilica was demolished and rebuilt; it took 120 years and some of the most gifted architects of the Roman Renaissance and Baroque: Michelangelo, Donato, Bramante, Raphael, Giacomo Della Porta, and Maderno.

There is more to explore in the church than just the fascinating facade and the splendid interior. Two levels hide below the basilica: Vatican Grottoes (underground graveyard where the ninety-one Popes are buried) and below that, Necropolis. 

Strict Dress Code Alert!

There is a strict dress code due to which many tourists leave the Vatican disappointed because they were refused admittance. You must wear shoes (not flip-flops or sandals with open toes) and you need to cover your shoulders and knees. This applies to both men and women. Forget about making your way inside in shorts or short skirt. Also, you need to take your hat off before stepping in.

Don't wait around any longer and book your St Peter's Basilica tickets with us today! We love to travel as much as you do and the quality of your experience is our top priority!

Before You Go

  • Please arrive at the meeting point 30 minutes before your chosen time so you do not lose your time slot.
  • A student must carry ID to collect the tickets
  • Cover your knees and shoulders
  • Security check before you enter St. Peter

What is Included

  • Reservation fees and Taxes
  • Fast track St Peters Basilica tickets
  • Tour guide (unless option selected)
  • Audio guide (unless option selected)

Meeting Point/ Departure Point

City Lights - Borgo Vittorio 85B, Rome (Italy)


It was a wonderful experience!


The audio was comprehensive and easy to understand.


Overall, an excellent experience. The audio guide was very good and with the skip the line ticket, we don't have to wait for the entrance.


Best way to visiting st peters basilica is to have fast access tickets so you don't have to wait in queue.


Recommend to everyone! Buying tickets to st peter's basilica is good way to visit.


Fast track ticket! defiantly this st peter basilica tickets is the best because when you see the long queue front of basilica, you don't want to stay there. st peter's basilica entrance fee for fast track might be little expensive but worth to buy it.


Tickets for st peters basilica is way cheaper than buying for all vatican museums tickets.

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