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Monday - Sunday
Collection point: Via dei Corridori 4 | L.go del Colonnato 5 / 00193 Roma
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Please arrive at the meeting point 30 minutes before your chosen time so you do not lose your time slot.

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Privileged entry to St Peter’s Basilica
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Assistance at the meeting point
Free Wifi at the meeting point
Discount on the purchases inside St Peter’s Gallery
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Reserved entrance ticket to Castel Sant Angelo

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Castel Sant'Angelo Tickets with St Peter's Basilica Skip the Line Access

St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the most significant temples in Christian history. Being one of the largest churches in the world and standing on the tomb of Saint Peter, the first pope, its importance comes as no surprise. So, missing out on stepping inside the basilica when visiting the Vatican City is a crime against travel. Though access to the basilica is free, the extremely long lines to enter are almost legendary. However, you can purchase St Peter’s Basilica Skip the Line Access which lets you get straight in. Better yet, the deal includes Castel Sant’Angelo Tickets reservation because the Vatican is not the only magnificent thing sitting on the banks of Tiber River. 

Booking St Peter’s Basilica skip the line tickets guarantees you a fast track entrance, bypassing the 3-4 hour queues outside. How it’s done? Make your booking and, on the given time and date, come to St Peter’s Gallery where you’ll receive tourist assistance and even be able to access WiFi. Once there, you can download a Pop Guide smartphone app that works as an audio guide. In case you don’t have a smartphone or can’t download the app, the tourist assistant will provide you with a classic radio audio guide. 

Finally, you will be led to the Basilica via an exclusive access point. You will skip the line but still stop short to pass through the security check. After your visit, it’s just a few-minute walk to the Castel Sant’Angelo which sits on the same bank of the Tiber as the Vatican. The ticket allows you to go straight in and explore this imposing structure at your own pace.

Ticket Highlights

When visiting the Vatican, most travelers head straight for the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel without realizing that the museum queue has nothing to do with the one in front of Basilica. So, unless you book a full Vatican tour, you have to queue twice. That is unless you get your hands on St Peter’s Basilica Skip the Line entry vouchers. Not only will you enjoy an entrance to St Peter’s swiftly and without waiting for hours in the boiling sun, the meeting point treats you to free Wifi and toilet facilities. Plus, a detailed audio guide makes the visit really worthwhile. 

 Afterward, you can head down the river and explore the interior of the magnificent national museum thanks to the reserved Castel Sant’Angelo Tickets. You can’t miss it. The bronze statue of Archangel Michael on the top of the castle swaying his sword is unmistakable.

History Sneak Peek

St Peter's Basilica

St Peter’s Basilica has a long history. Though there was a church at that location for centuries, the construction of the basilica we see today began in 1506 and was finished in 1626. Many important architects and artist of the time made their footprint on the final masterpiece. The temple was dedicated to Saint Peter, one of Jesus’s disciples and founders of the Catholic Church. He was executed in Rome and buried on the spot where the Basilica stands today. 

 Several renowned architects worked on the temple. Inside watch out for St. Peter’s Baldachin (a large bronze baldachin by Bernini); La Pietà (a sculpture by Michelangelo) and the statue of Saint Peter on his throne (his right foot worn down and shiny as the believers touch it for luck).

Castel Sant’Angelo

As for the Castel Sant’Angelo (Castle of Holy Angel), its history couldn’t be more exciting. Commissioned by the emperor Hadrian, the structure’s first function was to be a family mausoleum. Later, during the construction of the Aurelian Walls, Hadrian’s mausoleum was fortified and became part of the defensive city wall. From that point, the building was slowly transformed into a fortress. And, in the 13th century acquired by papacy who used it as a refuge in times of danger. In fact, there’s a secret corridor connection the castle with the Vatican called Passetto di Borgo. For example, Pope Clement VII and his Swiss Guards used it to hide from the army of Charles de Bourbon during the sack of Rome in the first half of the 16th century. Today, the castle is a museum. Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant'Angelo, to be precise, and absolutely worth visiting. 

 So, get to skip the 4-hour queue to St Peter’s Basilica Skip the Line entry and enjoy it with a detailed audio guide. Castel Sant’Angelo tickets will be waiting to be enjoyed right after!


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