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If you have already seen the best of Rome, its time to discover its surroundings. Explore the legendary city of Pompeii who fell victim to a raging natural disaster in 79 AD. The ferocious Mount Vesuvius exploded and brought the city to its horrific end. However, the lava preserved the civilization in perfect condition, and so, today, its one of the most important excavation sites in the world. Our Pompeii Tours from Rome lets you discover and explore the intact remains of this unlucky Roman town as well as climb the mountain that destroyed it! Our official expert tour guide will give you a well-rounded insight into the city and people who called it home.

Activity Highlights

Three million tourists set foot in Pompeii each year. Its one of the busiest excavation sites in the world. Hence, getting it is not always easy. Booking the Pompeii Tours with us guarantees you your reservation, tickets, and access to the landmark without hassle.

Getting in is not the only issue. Pompeii has a lot to offer and if you don't know your way around or go without a plan, you can miss out on many important curiosities. Pompeii guided tour makes your visit focused, educational, as well as enjoyable. You don't have to walk around with your head stuck inside a map or carry around a thick guidebook you will only use this once. That's no fun! You are visiting Pompeii to see it, so you better spend most of your time looking at it. Our licensed guides will offer you a holistic tour including the best of Pompeii.

Moreover, you don't have to think about how to travel from Rome to Pompeii; we take care of the transport as well as lunch!

History Sneak Peek

The ongoing excavations of Pompeii offer an incredible insight into life in ancient Rome. It takes us back to the times when Rome controlled the Mediterranean sea and Pompeii was a famous port town.

Located just five miles from the temperament mountain, the city was flourishing. Being such a sunny spot, became a resort to Romes finest citizens. The streets were lined with elegant houses and villas, and the roads were paved. Townspeople, travelers, and sleeves bustled down the streets in and out of artisan shops, cafes, and bathhouses. The business was good.

According to scholars, on the fatal night of the eruption, 20 000 people were living in Pompeii and its surroundings. When Mount Vesuvius erupted, the explosion sent ash, rocks, and burning-hot volcanic gases so high into the sky. People could see it for hundreds of miles around. As it cooled, all the debris began to fall on Pompeii. Luckily, most Pompeians had time to escape. Those who got trapped or stayed behind were not as fortunate. As more and more ashes fell from the sky the air became unbreathable, buildings collapsed and, at last, the extremely hot poisonous gas and the pulverized rock poured down the mountain a hundred miles per hour, burying Pompeii under tons of volcanic ash.

The city stayed abandoned for centuries. In fact, it was forgotten until 1748, when a group of scientists and explorers looking for ancient artifacts arrived there and began to dig. Under the dust, they found Pompeii preserved exactly as it was two thousand years ago.

A Pompeii guided walking tour will not only take you around the city and give you all the juicy details, but it will also let you climb the vicious mountain as well. So, no more hesitating! If you want to explore the bones of the city and get the most of it, book our Pompeii tours today!


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