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Paris Catacombs Tickets And Tours

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With so many wonders in Paris making you look up, you may miss one of the biggest treasures beneath your feet. Book your Catacombs Paris tickets, and explore what’s hidden underground with an expert guide. The Paris underground catacombs is the final resting place for 6 - 7 million people, from unknown locals to famous artists, politicians, and intellects. Hundreds of miles of Paris underground tunnels, vaults, reservoirs, crypts and canals hold more than 2000 years of history. Much of the catacombs are off-limits, but you can buy tickets to a big section which has been made safe and open to the public. 

Catacombs Paris Tickets: General Admission

At the entrance of the catacombs, you have to pass through a security checkpoint before entering. You will need to do the same on the way out: in part, this is to stop people stealing the bones! Once inside, you can pick up your audio guide and walk down the 130 steps to reach the catacombs (and 112 steps back up). From here, you’ll make your way around a 1.5-kilometer course. Bones and skulls line the walls in an artistic arrangement. As there are limited numbers of visitors allowed at any one time, your trip around the catacombs will be one way, lasting approximately 45 minutes. If you wish you stay in the catacombs longer, you need to book a guided tour.

Catacombs Paris Skip The Line Tickets

As the Paris Catacombs only allows a limited number of people in at any one time and it is also a popular attraction, the queues can get long! The best way to avoid wasting your precious holiday time stuck in a queue is to buy a Catacombs skip the line ticket. With a Paris Catacombs skip the line ticket, you will need to go to the kiosk (located next to the catacombs entrance), exchange your voucher for a ticket and skip the queue! You only need to pass through a security check before entering. Alternatively, buy your tickets online for fast-track entry!

Paris Catacombs Tour 

To gain a full understanding of the catacombs, we recommend booking a guided tour. Tours are available for a duration of 45 minutes up to 3 hours. Your expert guide will tell you all you need to know about the thousands of years of history associated with the catacombs. The story of its formation begins 45 million years ago. Booking a guided tour is the only way to spend longer in the catacombs. Also, you can access areas which are out-of-bounds to the public when you book your catacombs Paris tickets with a ‘Special Access Entry Ticket’.

Paris Catacombs Private Tour

A private Paris catacombs tour ensures your group will have the full attention of your expert guide. This means you will be able to ask the questions you want to ask and go at the pace your group feels comfortable with. Enjoy the whole experience with familiar faces around (alive that is!). Also, take some great group photos in the catacombs. Perfect for next years’ Halloween invitations! 

Paris Catacombs Secret Entrance

You may well have heard on the grapevine about a Paris catacombs secret entrance. As you may have guessed, entry into the catacombs through anywhere other than the official access is illegal. There is even a special police force (the E.R.I.C) tasked with keeping people out and fining those who get in. Making people pay to get in is not their objective; the catacombs are very dangerous in certain places. Would anyone notice one more skeleton?

Key Facts about the Paris Catacombs

  • The catacombs were originally Roman mines set up to extract limestone (the same limestone which was used to build Notre Dame and the Louvre).
  • In 1786, bones were moved from graveyards around Paris into the catacombs to make space for new bodies (overcrowding had led to the spread of disease).
  • The remains of Charles Perrault, the writer of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and Puss In Boots, are in the catacombs.
  • Guillotine victims from the French Revolution are in the Paris Catacombs, including Georges Danton, Antoine Lavoisier, and Maximilien Robespierre.

What are the Catacombs Paris hours? 

The Paris Catacombs are open every day from 10 am to 8:30 pm (except on Monday and some holidays). The ticket booth closes at 7:30 pm, one hour before the catacomb closing time. Booking online guarantees entry.

Can I take one of the bones from the Paris Catacombs? 

No, you cannot. Touching the bones is also strictly prohibited (even for those with limited sight). However surreal the experience may seem, it is also important to remember these are real human bones and should be treated as such - with respect.

Are the Catacombs of Paris safe for everyone to visit?

Unfortunately not. Be aware there is no disabled access. We also do not recommend young children go inside, or those who may respond adversely to the anxiogenic surrounding of the catacombs (such as those with claustrophobia).

What should I wear to the Catacombs?

You are likely to get your clothes dirty when you go into the catacombs. For this reason, make sure you are wearing clothes you don’t mind too much about keeping clean! Bring an extra layer with you (jumper, coat, jacket, etc.) as the temperature drops to 14℃ inside the catacombs. Also, make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes. You will walk at least 1.5 kilometers and 242 steps!

What is the Catacombs Paris Price?

The Paris Catacombs ticket price varies depending on which tickets of the Catacombs in Paris you choose. If you buy your Catacombs Paris Tickets online, for example, you will pay a discounted price. Your Catacombs ticket price may also receive a further discount when you purchase your Paris Catacombs Tickets in advance.

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