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The magical capital, known by many as the city of light, can transform you into a dream-like state. In an area full of so much wonder and beauty, it’s difficult to divide your time, choosing what to visit in Paris. The capital is by no means as massive in comparison to the likes of London or Athens, but that doesn’t go without saying that making your way to all the highlights is a bit of a feat. The best way to see the city, without getting lost and losing your nerves is by jumping on a Hop on Hop off Paris bus. With many different routes around all the top attractions and then some, you’re able to grasp the essence of the city. Hop on with the intention of catching all the main sites but guaranteed you’ll experience so much more than just that.

Paris has it all! From spacious green spaces like the Parc du Luxembourg to historical landmarks as the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, along with famous galleries like the Louvre museum. The only problem is, how will you manage to see everything Paris has to offer in one visit? Paris bus tours let you sit back and relax as you view the city. What’s so great about hop off bus tours is that, as the name suggestions, you can hop off whenever you like. With scheduled stops at all the most prominent places in the city. Best of all, audio commentary while en route provides you with a snapshot of the upcoming attractions. If you haven’t planned your itinerary, big bus tours through Paris are perfect in the sense that if something catches your eye, you can hop off at the next stop.

Unlike a scheduled tour, with a hop on hop off bus ticket, you’re free to explore at your leisure. Take as much time as you want at each attraction and when you’re ready, hop back on the double-decker to discover Paris even more. Marvel in the architectural masterpieces like the Notre Dame Cathedral on an open top bus tour. Enjoy the views as you pass over the river Seine or drive along the Canal Saint Martin. If you’re feeling hungry, you can even jump off around here and wander around one of the tastiest neighborhoods. As the sun sets, you can explore the city in all its glory on a night tour. Pass through one of the most famous streets, Avenue Champ Elysées on your way to all the main sites. With multiple routes available, you can be sure you won’t miss a thing.

Visiting Paris can seem a bit like a fairytale, the quintessentially Parisian hidden gems are plentiful if you take the time to explore. Of course, without a doubt, no visit to Paris is complete without enjoying activities such as a Seine River Cruise or a climb up the Eiffel Tower but what stands out more about the city are genuinely the small charms within. Gain your bearings in the city with a bus pass for a hop on hop off Paris tour and see all the main sights without wasting time looking around for them. As a result, you have more time to enjoy the Parisian cafes and romantic bistros, nightlife atmosphere in the streets and local hot spots. Catching all the main attractions with a 24h or 48h hop on hop off Paris ticket, also means that you can spend the rest of your time venturing outside the city to places such as the nearby historical city of Versailles.

So.. what are you waiting for? Reserve your hop on hop off tickets and get ready for a jam-packed adventure!

Where is Paris?

Located in the North of France, Paris is situated among the scenic and agriculturally rich landscape of the Île-de-France province.

Why should I visit Paris?

There’s an indescribable sense of romantic nostalgia throughout the city, a melting pot of cultures among a palate of contrasts. Culinary delights, trendy and charming cafes, historic structures, and the Parisian accent...what’s not to love.

Should I go alone or with someone?

Whether you visit alone or with your partner, the city can be explored either way. What’s particularly great about a hop on hop off tour is that you won’t need to spend time all by you're lonesome. Save yourself the long routes walking in silence to all your bucket list sites. Conversations with yourself can become dull after a while. All the more reason to join a hop on hop off bus tour through Paris.

What’s the best time of year to go?

It may seem like a trick but one of the best times to visit Paris is actually in the middle of August. Why? During a few weeks in August, the locals often jet off on vacation in the direction of Spain or Italy. The streets are oddly calm, in comparison to during the high season (typically in May-June).

Where do I buy my hop on hop off ticket?

There are several options when it comes to a hop on hop off ticket. Some tickets are valid for 24 h while others extend to 48 h. Also, you can choose to purchase one route or benefit from a combo ticket. These combo hop on bus tours offer a reduced rate for buying more than one line. Also, in many cases, some of the combo tickets even include a museum pass.

If you’d like to find the best hop on hop off bus tour ticket for you, check out the selection of products we offer.

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