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Day Trips from Venice

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The region of Veneto has much more to offer than just Venice. Day trips from Venice include drinking Prosecco in Prosecco, sailing to an island or going beyond Veneto altogether to Florence. What a difference a day makes!

Venice Day Trips

Venice to Florence

One of the best day trips from Venice is a visit to Florence, in the beautiful province of Tuscany. In these tours, you can use the high-speed train from Venice. It only takes around two hours (The Venice to Florence bus is 3.5 hours) which allows you plenty of time for sightseeing. When you arrive in Florence, you can choose to hire a guide who will take you on a walking tour of Florence. You’ll be able to see all the top attractions including the Duomo, the Ponte Vecchio and more. You also have the option to add a tour package which includes the Uffizi Gallery or Accademia. You can even end your day in a quintessentially Italian way: with a wine and cheese tasting.

Venice to Verona

Verona is another hugely popular choice of Venice day trips. Visit the home of Romeo & Juliet, a gorgeous riverside town with medieval architecture, in just over an hour on the Venice to Verona train. Book a day tour from Venice to take you to the Piazza del Erbe, Castelvecchio Bridge, Lamberti Tower and, of course, Juliet’s house. Transport is included on day tours to Verona from Venice. You can even add wine tasting trips or extra sightseeing (such as Lake Garda or Valpolicella) to your trips. Multiple-day-tours of Verona are also available!

Venice to Prosecco

If you love sparkling wine, you will already know and love Prosecco. Tours of Prosecco from Venice take you northeast of Venice, to the hills of Prosecco. Enjoy the dramatic scenery of the countryside near the cities of Valdobbiane, Vittorio, and Conegliano. Visit one of the top producers of Prosecco, learn how it is made, and taste. the signature fruity aromas of great Prosecco wine. After lunch, why not continue to a smaller, family run vineyard (also with a wine tasting). Transport is included in these tour packages!

Venice to Padua

Book a boat tour to Padua! Begin in Venice and head to the Brenta Riviera. Enjoy the sights of the beautiful, old Venetian villas near the shore and stop regularly on your journey to Padua. Visit Fusina and Malcontenta, and book a guided tour of Villa Foscari. Disembark at Oriago in the early afternoon. Some tours include the option of lunch at a discounted price at II Burchiello, one of the best restaurants in the region.

Cruise down to Mira and join a guided tour of Villa Widmass. Visit Villa Giovanelli before finally admiring Burchiello’s Stairway in Padua. This is just a taste of how Venice day trips to Padua could look! 

Venice to Murano, Burano, and Torcello

Visit three of the most famous Venetian islands on a boat tour. Stop at the island of Murano (sometimes called the “Island of Glass”). The name will soon make sense as you visit one of its glass factories and see the process of glass-making from start to the famous (and expensive) Venetian glass you’ll see at the end.

Cruise on to the oldest of these islands: Torcello. Head to Burano, a fishing island, famous for lace making, embroidery, brightly-colored houses, and cake. A guide can escort you to a lace shop on the island, or explore the island on your own, before heading back to Venice.

Venice to the Dolomites

If you’re looking for a feeling of space and panoramic views then you’ll want to go on one of the best day trips from Venice: the Dolomites. Why not begin by going to Cortina, “the pearl of the Dolomites”? Here, you will be able to explore the town and enjoy the views of the Dolomite mountains. Weather permitting, many tours include a trip up the cable car to Faloria (7,000 feet) for a view over the whole city.

Visit Lake Misurina and Tre Clime di Lavaredo (7,740 feet) to enjoy the mountain air and incredible views. Head to the stunning Lake Auronzo, through the nearby villages and, finally, back to Venice!

Venice to Vicenza

Another one of the best day trips from Venice is to the small but lively city of Vicenza. An outing to Vicenza can include a walking tour of the city if you wish. Explore this beautiful area, see the Renaissance buildings and walk inside the Basilica Palladiana (designed by the famous architect Andrea Palladio). Stop-off to enjoy the local food and wine plus a typical Italian artisan studio. See the artisan at work and have the chance to create something of your own: a memento from your trip to Vicenza!

Are there day trips to Rome?

While you could technically get to Rome and back in a day, you would have very little time there. For this reason, we suggest looking for day trips closer to Venice.

Will I need a car for a Venice day tour?

If you choose to take a day trip from Venice on your own, you will need a car to get there. However, the most hassle-free way to enjoy a Venice day tour is by booking a full tour with transport.

Do I need to go with a guide on a Venice day tour?

While guides are often highly recommended, we have been careful to give your Venice day trip itinerary the time and freedom to explore for yourself.

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