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Buckingham Palace Tickets And Tours

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Buckingham Palace Reviews
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London is chalked full of incredible sites and attractions to keep you busy exploring for days. Whether you follow the monarch or not, no trip to the city is complete without a visit to the most iconic royal building in the United Kindom. Buckingham Palace tours are something you must not skip out on doing! From the outside, the Palace’s royal essence shines through, while on the inside, beauty is emitted from every crack and crevice. Today, the palace stands as the headquarters of the monarch but holds a far greater purpose that goes beyond its administrative function. Get your Buckingham Palace tickets to visit one of the few working palaces in the world.

Besides being the center of the constitutional monarch, the royal palace is also the focal point for many royal gatherings. Many celebrations and commemorations are held throughout the year. Most of the gatherings are private and are strictly invite only. What this means is that if you want to visit the palace, you’ll have to buy a ticket to tour the inside.

Although you won’t be able to attend the weekly audience that is held by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (later published in the Royal Mews), you can tour one of the most beautiful royal palaces in the world. The Buckingham palace entrance fee is quite minimal when you consider the number of rooms you are able to access once inside. Out of all the London attractions, visiting Buckingham Palace is one of the best things to do in London.

What to see on a Buckingham Palace Visit 

Many people ask whether you can visit the inside of Buckingham Palace and what you’ll see while there. Over 50,000 visitors come from across the world to tour the Palace every year. During the summer months, the interior is open to tourists. Also, during December, January, and at Easter, you can plan a visit. In the winter, do note there are a limited number of tours that take place; for this reason, it’s best to book ahead. 

When you purchase a Buckingham Palace tour ticket, you get an inside look at the royal residence. Depending on which tickets to Buckingham Palace you buy you can access the following areas:

  • The State Rooms - Explore the 19 staterooms that play host to a variety of special occasions and banquets. Admire the lavishly furnished interiors and marvel at many of the greatest treasures among the decor. Highlights include the throne room, picture gallery, white drawing room, ballroom, and grand staircase. 
  • Garden - Enjoy a leisurely garden tour around the Rose Garden, a 3-acre lake, Palace tennis court, and Waterloo Vase. It is best to purchase tickets for Buckingham Palace and gardens ahead of time. 

The most enriching way to visit the royal residence is with a guide for sure! Many trips to Buckingham Palace include transportation as well, which is always a welcome bonus! 

What are you waiting for now? Buy your Buckingham Palace tickets today

Buckingham Palace Opening Times 

The Buckingham Palace visiting hours vary throughout the year. Admission times are as follows:

  • Mid-July to end of August (09:30 - 19:30) * Last entry 17:15 
  • Beginning to end of September (09:30 - 18:30) *Last entry 16:15 

Select dates during the spring and winter are open for exclusive tours. Book one of the Buckingham Palace tours ahead of time to guarantee your reservation. 

How to get to Buckingham Palace?

The famous residence of the royals is in the area of Westminster. Arriving at Buckingham Palace is easy, either on foot or with public transportation. Although the tube isn’t overly affordable, it does get you everywhere. There are five tube stations in close proximity to the Palace: Hyde Park Corner, Green Park, Westminster, St.James’s Park, and Victoria.  

Is it worth going inside? 

Absolutely! From the outside of the Palace, you can admire the stunning architecture of the palace itself or witness the guard ceremony. However, nothing compares to what you see once inside. If you have the time, don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to visit the royal palace.

What is the Buckingham Palace Tour Price?

This tour price will entirely depend on which ticket or tour you purchase. One thing to keep in mind is that a Buckingham Palace ticket price will be lower than the tour. With iconic sites such as this or Westminster Abbey, it is often better to invest a little more on a guided tour. Fully guided tours provide you with greater comprehension and knowledge of the site you are visited. 

One way to save money is by booking a Buckingham Palace tours bundle that combines a guided visit to the staterooms and the Palace gardens.


Will I see the Queen? 

Buckingham Palace is one of the few working palaces in the world and the London residence of her Majesty the Queen. Therefore, security is incredibly tight, and it is highly unlikely you’ll catch a glimpse of the queen. From the outside, if you’re lucky, you may have the chance to see the royal family if they make an address on the famous balcony. Even though with your Buckingham Palace tickets you aren’t guaranteed a royal visit, rest assured, you’ll still enjoy your time!

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