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Windsor Castle Tickets And Tours

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Windsor Castle Reviews
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Windsor castle is one of three official residences of the Queen of England. Why she needs three, only she knows. But you can get the Windsor Castle tickets and tours to explore the place that has been home to the Royal family since the 11th Century when it was built by William the Conqueror.

It is the largest and oldest still occupied castle in the world, covering 13 acres of land and receives more than one million visitors each year. As a royal residence, the castle was always intended to be a grand design. However, in the 1820s George IV instigated a makeover of the castle, almost double the height of its famous Round Tower.


In 1848 the state apartments were opened to the public by Queen Victoria. Ostentatiously decorated by Kings and Queens from more than five centuries past. The castle was damaged by a fire in the 1990s and was later restored at an enormous cost to the British public.


As with many castles, Windsor is no longer used for its original purpose (protecting those within from would-be invaders). Aside from visits from tourists, the castle is used as for ceremonial and state occasions such as the royal wedding. Visiting Windsor castle is an opportunity for you to enjoy a story of over 900 years of British royal history.


The castle is divided into three sections, known as wards. On the upper ward, you will see the state apartments on your tour. The middle ward is the site where fortifications once stood and the lower ward, where you will find St George's Chapel where worshippers are welcome to attend the services. 


Queen Elizabeth II is official in residence at Windsor castle twice a year and she tends to spend her free private weekends here. Get your Windsor tour while she’s away, as the crowds will be excessive when she’s here!

What are Windsor Castle opening times?

 Windsor castle hours are 10 am - 4.15 pm (Last entrance 90 minutes before closing).

Where to buy Windsor Castle tickets?

You can and should, buy your Windsor castle tickets and tours online. Buying online means you won’t be waiting in line, which, in Summer months, in particular, can be an hour long.

How to get to Windsor from London?

The castles proximity to the city (23 miles from London to Windsor) makes it great for a day tour from London. Windsor Castle is close to Windsor and Eton Central Station, making it really easy to find. So easy in fact, that you can see the walls of the castle as you leave the station. 

What are the Highlights?

  • Audio Tour with Prince Charles: There’s a free audio guide with an introduction by the Prince of Wales himself! It includes the main highlights about State Apartments and St George’s Chapel as well as the commentary of the household staff about running the castle. 
  • State Apartments: This part of the castle allows you to dig deeper into changing tastes of the monarchs who used to live at Windsor Castle and the individual marks they left behind. For instance, Charles II was eager to rival the dazzling Versailles palace and modernized the Windsor interiors with painted ceilings and carvings. Today, the royal family uses these lushly decorated rooms for various events. 
  • Waterloo ChamberThis room was created to celebrate the sweet victory at the Battle of Waterloo. The portraits on the wall depict allies, monarchs, and commanders who aided the defeat of Napoleon.
  • St George’s ChapelPart of the castle is also the famous St George’s Chapel featuring intricate Gothic architecture. This chapel recently witnessed the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The chapel is also a resting place of 10 British monarchs, including Henry VIII. 
  • Queen Mary’s Dollhouse: Perhaps the most famous toy in the world is the enchanting dollhouse built especially for Queen Mary. The house overflows with tiny treasures created by famous artists of the time. It’s an incredibly detailed replica of an aristocratic residence with running hot and cold water, electricity, and working elevators. 
  • The Semi-state Rooms: Still today, the Queen uses these luxurious rooms for official events and gatherings. Hence, you can only get to see them if you visit between September and March. The rooms are a great example of refined late-Georgian interiors. 
  • Changing of the Guards: Changing the Guard is a fun spectacle of British pageantry. Be ready for a show full of color sound and marching. Though, to see it, you need to time your visit. The ceremony lasts 45 minutes and takes place around 11 am on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays (double-check before visiting). 
  • China Museum: Feast your eyes on stunning pieces of porcelain put on display in the 1920s by Queen Mary. You will get to see Chinese and Japanese artifacts from the 17th and 18th centuries and much more. 
  • Fine Art: As you make your way through the castle, pay attention to the incredible artworks lining the walls. You can spot paintings by artists the likes of Rembrandt, Rubens, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, and many others. 

When is the best time to visit?

Visit Windsor castle in the winter months. In winter, there are little to no queues. An average visit is around 2 hours. Plus, walking the castle grounds is much more enjoyable when you haven’t had to wait in a queue for an hour!


As a visit only takes around 2 hours (usually give or take 30 minutes), it is great for a full day tour, heading from Central London on one of the Windsor castle tours.

How much does it cost?

Windsor tickets are around €21-€30 with discounts for students, retirees, disabled and under 5s. The Windsor castle entrance fee isn’t reduced by booking online, but you can skip the long queues by doing so.

Do I need a guide?

 An audio guide is included in the price of your admission. It's really helpful and comes in a variety of languages. There are also the more traditional tours from a guide who will take you from the entrance, through the rooms and grounds to give you all the information you could desire!


Windsor castle guided tours begin at Castle Hill. You head through St George’s gate, following the path around the Round Tower. While it is no longer used for defense, the tower in the grounds is aesthetically pleasing and houses the royal archives. The gardens themselves are beautiful; delightful green spaces with immaculately manicured lawns and a variety of flora.


You will visit St George’s Chapel, which began construction in 1475 and was completed in 1528 by under the tutelage of the infamous Henry VIII. This long-dead monarch is actually buried under the chapel along with nine others. Little tit-bits like this enhance your visit to the castle and help you to understand a little more about the place. Although, in such beautiful grounds and interesting rooms, it is totally understandable if you want to explore at your own pace. 

Useful tips

  • To avoid queues, buy Windsor castle tickets online
  • Changing of the guard takes place between 11 am and 11.30 so if that’s what you’re here to see, make sure you don’t miss it!
  • Before entering the castle you pass through an airport-style security checkpoint, which can add a few minutes to your wait.
  • Pictures and videos aren’t allowed in some places, such as St George's Chapel so be aware if you’re hoping to Instagram your trip!
  • St George's Chapel is closed on Sundays for religious services.

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