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Vatican Necropolis Tour Reviews
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Vatican Underground Tour

Be one of the privileged few to be welcomed on an exclusive Vatican Necropolis Tour (Necropolis VIP Tour fits as a better name! Only 250 people are able to reserve Vatican Necropolis tickets per day! When you join a Vatican Crypt Tour, you'll have the opportunity to explore these underground graves in the heart of Vatican City. Snagging a couple of tickets directly from the Vatican isn't the easiest process though, and will require some time and patience. Save yourself the hassle of applying for tickets and let us take care of the reservations for you. 

Dive in and explore the unexplored areas of the Vatican!

Perfectly located beneath St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican grottoes graves. Venture underground to see the tomb of St Peter, burial ground, and mosaics from the second century BC. This guided tour needs to be first on your list! With limited availability, it's highly recommended to reserve your Tour of the Necropolis at least 2 months in advance of your visit.

If you're thinking that the wait isn't worth it, head over to the official website of the Vatican for a Vatican Necropolis Virtual Tour to get a taste of what you'll see. The sneak peek Vatican Catacombs virtual tour will wet your taste buds, but an expert guided tour will let you dive in for the full meal! Nothing beats it! Best of all, you can enjoy the exclusiveness of being one of the selected few to enter!

Vatican Necropolis Tour Highlights

Picture Perfect #UndergroundMoments

Vatican Necropolis Tickets: Buying Tips

St Peter's Tomb Tour Tips

Vatican Tombs Tour: Prepare Your Visit

Quick Facts


Vatican City

Known For

Underground Crypt

Activity Type

Vatican Catacombs Tour

Yearly Visitors

10 Million +

High Season

June - September

Currency Required

European Euro

Time Zone

GMT +2:00

Vatican Necropolis Tour Highlights

  • Learn the remarkable story of the Vatican Catacombs! Tour through the underground cemetery, excavations, around the mausoleums, and final resting place of St. Peter, and his alleged tomb. Allow your personal guide to explain all the hidden secrets underground. 
  • Uncover St. Peter's tomb, housing the bones of Peter the Apostle.
  • Combine two tours in one! Enjoy the Necropolis and St. Peter's Basilica Guided Tour or the Vatican and Colosseum Tour, for example.
  • Along with an expert guide, your Vatican Necropolis Map will help lead you through one of the most fascinating underground crypts in the world.

Picture Perfect #UndergroundMoments

While photography is not allowed when you visit the Necropolis, you can still hit up these top instagrammable spots in The Vatican City. Post your favorite picture on your IG, and tag #dotravelgram to be featured. 
  • Piazza Sant Pietro! Stand right outside the Vatican museum in all its glory. Either during the day or at night, this spot is worth the shot every single time.
  • Saint Peter’s Square from the Dome is the perfect panoramic to capture the city views. Be sure to get into the frame too!
  • A picture from the Vatican Gardens where you can capture nature and a selfie all at the same time is a must!

Vatican Necropolis Tickets: Buying Tips

  • Book a Vatican package deal for the Vatican museum, Sistine Chapel, and visits to the Necropolis; this will surely save you time and money!
  • Vatican Necropolis tickets (or Scavi tour tickets if you wish) for reserved entry, can be obtained through its main office via email. However, be advised, the process to obtain tickets isn’t the most hassle-free. To avoid stress, it’s best to book an organized tour; they take care of obtaining your reserved entry for you.
  • Getting your hands on a Scavi tour ticket is guaranteed to make you feel like you have just cashed in on the lottery. Book early to guarantee entry and get ready to enjoy your small group tour with a private feel.

St Peter's Tomb Tour Tips

  • You may think the crypts would be cold, however, this is not the case when it comes to the Necropolis. Be wary of the temperature and humidity on the Vatican Excavation Tour. It gets hotter as you go down. Bring a bottle of water and fan to keep cool.
  • One amazing hack! Visit Vatican Necropolis Via Triumphalis for a great extended tour of these graves on the Roman burial site. Dive deeper into the history and see more of the hidden secrets lurking underground.
  • Vatican Necropolis Entrance: Finding your way to the Excavations office doesn’t have to cause a headache. If flustered, feel free to ask for the ´Scavi Office´ along the way.
  • When you book your tickets to the Scavi, it’s best to confirm the opening times ahead as changes in hours are possible.

Vatican Tombs Tour: Prepare Your Visit

    • Vatican Necropolis Scavi Tour Rules
      • A Vatican Tombs tour is restricted to those aged 15 and over. 
      • The Vatican Necropolis Tours has a strict dress code. No shirts or shorts allowed. Even in the Summer heat, shoulders and knees must be covered.
      • Leave your camera away in your pocket. No Vatican Necropolis photos can be taken once inside.
      • You must arrive 15-20 minutes early.
      • Bring your ID; identification is checked before entry.
      • All bags and purses go through the security check.
    • Services (Inside The Vatican)
      • The cloakroom service room is free of charge.
      • Plenty of baby changing facilities and nursing rooms are available on site. 
      • Restaurants and cafés can be found throughout the museum.
      • Shop the Gift shops, where you can also easily find The Necropolis Book! Learn about the Temple of Christianity, its religious art, and Peter’s Tomb.


What is the best way for how to get Scavi tour tickets?

There are two ways you can buy your Vatican Necropolis tickets. Note: no skip the line tour exists 1) You can request Vatican catacombs tickets from the Scavi office via email. This procedure can take up to three months, being a bit tedious. In addition, you need special permission. 2) You can book through one of the package deals tours available online. It is recommended that you book in advance due to limited availability.

How long is the Scavi Tour?

The tour is an hour and a half and only small groups of 12 people per tour are allowed entry. Per day, only 250 people are able to go on the Vatican City Necropolis Tour. There are also other Vatican combo tours you can book while visiting the Vatican City and Rome. Make your reservations for admission on the St Peter tomb Necropolis Scavi Tour Vatican has!

Is the Tour of the Vatican and the Scavi Tour different?

Yes, these are two very different tours. The Scavi Tour is a Vatican underground tour, taking you to the Necropolis (underground crypts of the Vatican). This is an exclusive tour only available to 250 people per day. A standard tour of the Vatican takes you through all its museums, enjoyed by over 30,000 visitors every day.

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