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Florence to Venice Reviews
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Not many cities around the world are so compactly packed with stunning art and architectural masterpieces as Florence. Indeed, it’s hard to turn your eyes from this fabled city. Plus, if you do manage to do so, undulating Tuscan hills and clandestine vineyards will scream for attention. After all, Tuscany is a region of many wonders. Nonetheless, Italy has so much more to offer you. So, if you have time to spear, set out on an adventure to the other Italian coast in search of the Venetian lagoon, a lovely Florence to Venice day trip. Perhaps you are wondering if it’s even possible to see Venice in a day from Florence. Of course, it is! Plus, such day trip makes Venice a much more affordable option since spending the night in the city is relatively costly.

How to go from Florence to Venice you ask? If you are confident enough to go on your own, a train is probably the easiest option. To travel to Venice by train could not be easier. The connection is direct and takes only two hours. Simply, wake up a bit earlier, catch a morning train. In the afternoon, you can already by lunching Venetian delicacies or gliding down a canal on an authentic gondola. 


The itinerary for your Florence to Venice day trip shouldn’t miss a visit to Piazza San Marco with its opulent gilded basilica. Venice will leave you speechless even if all you do all day is walk around. You can do that on your own through a guided walking tour is sure to give your walk an edge. However, if you yearn for a better insight into the dark and glamorous history of life in Venice, make sure to visit Doge’s palace. This incredibly lush residence was the heart of Venetian political life, power, and home to the Doge of Venice. 


If you are not the type of traveler who just likes to wing it and take a train ride across a foreign country, don’t you worry. There are aplenty Florence-to-Venice tours to choose from. A guided day trip gives you the luxury of not having to stress over train schedules. Better yet, it structures your day so that you make the most of your time in the floating city. Browse the page for organized Florence to Venice day trips, as well as activities and tickets to the most visited Venetian landmarks. 

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