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For most, the Barcelona museum is the Picasso museum. Every year people flock to the museum in the millions to take in the works of Picasso’s formative years. And look, that’s all well and good until you stop to think about the museum. That’s right, the museum. That’s a lot of pressure to put on the little thing. All these visitors, year in year out. All the expectations. Can you imagine the fear of disappointment sitting in the poor thing’s foundation? Every morning when the doors open and the first gaggle of guidebook-toting tourists come marching in? It’s no surprise that it hasn’t had a nervous breakdown and crumbled. So, why not help take some of the pressure off of the museum. You know, give it a break and turn your attention to one of the many other fantastic museums Barcelona has to offer. Read more

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To kick things off and making it easier to get your hands on Barcelona museum tickets you could sort yourself out with an Art Passport. Essentially, it's a Barcelona museum card. This gives you access to some of the best museums in Barcelona, both their permanent and temporary exhibits. For example, the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA), located in Barcelona’s lively El Raval, is included and has outstanding exhibitions of contemporary art. You can also enjoy the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. Other options include a reference center for Modernisme and the Fundacio Antoni Tàpies which houses one of the most extensive collections of his work.  

For design enthusiasts, there is the Disseny Hub. This museum boasts four floors dedicated to permanent exhibitions that include everything from graphic design and fashion to decorative and household pieces. The CaixaForum combines a warehouse and castle and transforms them into a functional space for notable temporary exhibitions. In 2017, space housed 300 Andy Warhol works. If you’re after something distinctly Catalan, there is the Museu Can Framis, Barcelona’s museum of contemporary Catalan art. Here, all the works come from artists who are either Catalan born or who live in Catalunya.  

So, you see, your go-to Barcelona museum doesn’t have to be the Picasso museum. The city has plenty more to offer. 

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