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Montserrat Special offers ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 83 Reviews

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Montserrat Reviews
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Based on 83 Reviews

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excellent
It was amazing

Most unfortunate that we were rained out and did not get to see any outdoor views.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excellent
Great location with a view of Montserrat

We had a great hike to the across for a view back to Monserrat (about 20 minutes uphill but doable. Sample the liquer made by the Monks. It is very good and I ended up buying a bottle. Stay to see the Monserrat boys choir. We enjoyed them but be in the church at least 30 minutes early for some good seats in the church.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excellent
Amazing tour

Would highly recommend the 6 hr tour. Absolutely amazing place. Loads to see & do. Excellent tour guide. The fabulous trip from start to finish.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excellent
Excellent experience

Our tour guide was knowledgeable and very helpful.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5-Excellent
Amazing experience!

Guides were very knowledgeable and personable


★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 4-Excellent
Loved our guide as well!

This is an easy day trip that gives you beautiful views and interesting history. Montserrat is unbelievable- make sure you stay to hear the children sing at 1pm. And the winery was a really nice trip.


Tours to Montserrat

Montserrat is a magical mountain range a short distance from Barcelona. The unique craggy peaks and 1000-year-old Montserrat Monastery at the top make it an unforgettable sight to see. Venture towards stunning natural landscapes on one of the most popular and best day trips from Barcelona! Where else could you see a Caravaggio painting and a wild boar on the same day? Or have a three-course restaurant meal and then go directly for a long hike? Whether it is a Montserrat wine tour, a religious pilgrimage or an adrenalin-fuelled activity, there is something for everyone! What are you waiting for? Book your Montserrat tickets or Montserrat hiking tour now! 

Just 45 minutes from Barcelona, this mountain is a must-see. Visitors can choose to hike up the hills of the natural park or take a cable car directly to the Benedictine Monastery in the mountain. Here you will find historic buildings, market stalls offering local specialties, a museum and even a hotel for longer stays! There is so much to see and do in this extraordinary corner of Catalonia and a guided tour is highly recommended. Choose a full day Montserrat Barcelona tour, or a wine and cava gourmet experience. You can even combine the two and work up your appetite before hitting the bubbly! 

Book your tickets to Montserrat - explore the monastery, mountain and more!

Montserrat Tours: Visitor Highlights

#PicturePerfect Montserrat

Barcelona Tours-Montserrat: Visitor Tips

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Known For

Stunning Nature

Activity Type

Montserrat Tour

Yearly Visitors

2 Million

High Season

July & August

Currency Required

European Euro

Time Zone

GMT +2:00

Montserrat Tours: Visitor Highlights

  • Art lovers admire works by Caravaggio, El Greco, and Picasso. Note: you will need Montserrat museum tickets to see these wonders. Visit the Monastery & new audiovisual space together.
  • Admire the Basilica with its stunning stained-glass and ancient artworks. 
  • Lock eyes with the 12th-century figure of “La Moreneta” (The Black Madonna - the patron saint of Catalonia), in The Lady’s Chapel!
  • There are plenty of hiking routes to enjoy at the mountain top sanctuary: don’t miss the Holy Cave, the Degotalls Way, and the Via Crucis.
  • The hauntingly beautiful Boys Choir and local farmers market. To make sure you don’t miss these, why not spend a magical night in Montserrat

#PicturePerfect Montserrat

Montserrat is simply spectacular. When words fail, photos speak! For those instaworthy snaps to bring home, here are the best spots: 
  • Right in front of the monastery (with the mountains behind!)
  • A panoramic shot from the highest point at Sant Jeroni (1,236m).
  • Share your moment with friends with a live video from the Montserrat funicular? 
Got a winner? Choose your best snap from one of the three most instagrammable spots listed above, post it on your IG, and tag #dotravelgram to be featured. 

Barcelona Tours-Montserrat: Visitor Tips

  • Wear comfortable shoes: If you are planning to hike through the natural park or simply you have an action-packed day ahead, think of your feet! A Barcelona day trip is easily doable, but if the train is packed, then you may have to stand.
  • Dress appropriately: Wear respectful attire for the Benedictine Monastery, but also remember to pack both a jumper and sunscreen! Mountain weather can change very suddenly, so be prepared both for scorching summer sun and wind.
  • Save money with combination Montserrat tickets: To get to the top of the mountain, you will need to take the train from Barcelona, Plaça Espanya. Then you have the choice of walking, rack railway or the cable car. Choose a Monistrol de Montserrat combined ticket to save buying (and queueing) twice! 
  • “Ask me anything”: This special corner of Catalonia has a fascinating history and mysterious past. Book a tour and ask your expert guide all your most burning questions! Arrive as a tourist, and leave as a local! 
  • Short on time? If you desire a highly personalized tour, then your best bet is to book a Montserrat private tour. This way you can tailor your visit for your perfect ratio of museum or mountain, cava or climbing!


Do I need to take a Monserrat guided tour?

If you want to learn about the fascinating history of this mountain range, then a guide can really enhance your experience. Enjoy the views and architecture while learning all about the wonderous, sometimes tragic history behind them. Here is your selection of the best Montserrat tours.

What are the Montserrat opening hours?

The Basilica is open every day from 7.30 am to 8 pm. A Montserrat guided tour will ensure you see the best of the Basilica and the surrounding community.

How do I get to Montserrat?

The easiest way to get from Barcelona is to hop on the train from Plaça Espanya (you can’t get it from Plaça Catalunya). Driving to the mountain is an option, but you will likely face heavy traffic jams. There is also very little parking at the top. Booking a Montserrat tour, including your ticket from Barcelona, ensures you won’t get lost along the way.

Why is it Montserrat important?

A Montserrat day trip from Barcelona is perfect for getting to know an important part of Catalonia better. It is significant mainly to the Catalan people who view it as a focal point of Catalonia. It is also home to the Catalan Patron Saint, the Black Madonna, something you will be sure to learn about on your tour.

Do I need to buy a Montserrat Barcelona ticket?

To get from Barcelona to Montserrat on public transport, you will need to buy separate tickets for the train, cable car and the Sant Joan funicular to the top of the mountain. You also have the option of buying combined tickets like Trans Montserrat (the Santa Cova funicular is only included when in service). For a smooth journey with add-ons like lunch included or a visit to a vineyard, book your Montserrat tickets online ahead of time.

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