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Bohemian Barcelona sits on the Northeastern coast of the Mediterranean, only about a two-hour drive from the French Pyrenees. It's the capital of passionate Catalonia, a Spanish region with its own unique culture, language, traditions, and personality. Wondering what to do in Barcelona? You will be happy to hear that there are a plethora of things to do in Barcelona! In fact, it attracts over 8 million visitors every year. But before you visit Barcelona, you should find out a thing or to about its spirit and origins. A legend has it when Hercules came to the territory of today’s Barcelona; he found the place incredibly welcoming. It impressed him so much he decided to found a city. 
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Top things to do in BARCELONA

See Sagrada Familia Inside

Of the things to see in Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia with its lavish interior takes precedence. It rises proudly in the elegant district of Eixample. Designed by “God’s architect,” Antoni Gaudí, the striking exterior of this Catholic church catches every passerby’s attention. Without a doubt, Sagrada is one of the top places to visit in Barcelona. However, to feel the full weight of this masterpiece, head inside. Here you can marvel at the stained glass windows and the colored light that streams through them. It baths the nave in a transcendence that invites introspection. Follow the pillars as they stretch up to the ceiling and branch out replicating the feel of a forest. According to Gaudí, the forest is where man is closest to God. Furthermore, buried beneath the Cathedral is the museum that reveals the history of how the Sagrada came to be. 

Fill up on Tapas and Vermouth

What to do in Barcelona? More like what not to do in Barcelona. But, if you’ve hiked around and seen all the Barcelona city sights, then it’s time to get your grub on. Before you check your phone for directions to the closest McDonald’s, remember you’re in Barcelona. You are in the gastronomic capital of Catalonia! And, worry not, because that doesn’t have to mean fancy restaurants and fusion cuisine. Go full Spanish and pull up a chair and while away the better part of an afternoon (or evening) over some tapas, pintxos and a glass or two of vermouth. In Barcelona, this means small plates of things like fried squid, pan con tomato, anchovies and patatas bravas which you can enjoy in any number of the city’s countless bars. If you go for Pintxos (the Basque’s tapas) remember to keep a hold of the toothpicks, they’re essentially your bill.

Go for the Camp Nou Experience

Club’s match grounds. If you sadly don’t have Messi’s golden touch, don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. You see, the Camp Nou Experience is here to make you feel a hair’s breadth away from being one of the starting eleven. Of all the places to go in Barcelona, this is one of the most popular with over 30 million people having visited it since it first opened. And, rightly so as a ticket pretty much gives you access all areas. Stroll down the tunnel where the cleated boots of some of the greatest footballers in the world have stepped. Imagine the deafening cheers of 100,000 spectators from the dugout. Get a birds eye view of the stadium from the VIP boxes. And, when you’ve had your fill, make for the museum where you can soak up all the club’s history. When wondering what to see in Barcelona, Camp Nou is your answer!

Rent a Bike

Barcelona’s beautiful weather makes it a perfect city for exploring by bicycle. It is also a fantastically bike-friendly city, and you can travel to the many corners of the city by bike. Now, while Barcelona’s Bicing bikes are not available to those just visiting the city, there are plenty of other options available. You can rent bikes by the hour, by the day or the week dependent on your needs from many places. Or, if you’d rather you can organize a guided city bike tour. These are a great way to see the city, enjoy the weather and get some light exercise in too. If you’re worried about missing out on the best of Barcelona city sights, don’t be. Tours will take you round all the most popular attractions as well as give you a taste of the beautiful Mediterranean vibes of Barcelona. So, give your calves a stretch and jump on a bike, Barcelona’s waiting.  

Go on a Segway Tour

Want to know the best way to take in the greatest Barcelona attractions without breaking a sweat? A Segway tour! It’s just that simple. A Barcelona Segway tour is a fantastic, fun-filled way to scoot around the city and soak up the sights. Don’t worry if you’ve never been on a Segway before. Don’t let that stop you. Using them is super easy and everyone gets an introductory session and plenty of time to acclimatize themselves to how a Segway works. And, then, once you’re feeling good and comfortable, off you go! You’ll notice to added benefits almost immediately. Firstly, no sore feet! Secondly, more sights in less time! Thirdly, and this one may seem strange, but Segway’s give you a height advantage. So, you’ll be a head above everybody else at the most popular sights with the big crowds. No more blocked views! What are you waiting for? The tangled streets of the Gothic Quarter aren’t going to explore themselves. 

Explore Barcelona’s Beach and Waterfront

Barcelona has a great advantage compared to other European metropoles. Seamlessly, it lets you combine an exploratory sightseeing trip with a beach holiday. Barcelona’s waterfront is a hive of leisure activities, bars and restaurants for people of all tastes and preferences. From rustic to luxurious; relaxing to adrenalin-pumping; kids fun to adult entertainment, you’re going to find your cup of tea. Port Vell, for instance, boasts an incredible shopping mall built on water great for a  shopping spree as well as family afternoon. Barceloneta, on the other hand, will charm you with narrow streets and buildings lined with tiny Spanish balconies. Plus, it’s peppered with incredible seafood joints! Though if your belly is full and you just feel lazy, head to the beach. Lining the sandy beach are chic bars and other handy amenities. So, spread your blanket and run to the sea for a refreshing swim. Sightseeing can wait!

Top Atraction in Barcelona

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What to do in BARCELONA

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Things to do in BARCELONA

His decision came with the blessing of Herme the god of art and commerce. An origin story worthy of such a lively bohemian town! However, the more-evidence-supported version suggests Phoenicians and Carthaginians founded the city under its original name, Barcino. 

The Romans reached its area around the 1st century BC and made Barcino (Barcelona) the capital of the region. Next followed the long occupations by Visigoths (5th century) and Moors (8th century) until the Francs took it back. In 988, Count Borrell II gained independence from the Carolingian Empire. It was him who expanded the county over the territory we recognize as Catalonia today. 
Barcelona had its ups and downs. Some things never change though. Catalans have always been a passionate lot, proud of their culture and heritage. So, it's hardly surprising Barcelona has always been a bottomless well of creativity. Not many European cities can offer you such an incredible variety of cultural experiences. Remember, Barcelona was a bustling port since its beginnings. Hence, it became a melting pot of influences that passed through it. 
Immerse yourself in the exploration of galleries, museums, and architectural wonders. You can take in the city view from the vintage amusement park in Tibidabo or contemplate the sea from the walls of Montjuic Castle. Better yet, you can taste the raw passion in the support for FC Barcelona. Barcelona is a city of today, overflowing with artistic freedom, fun, adventure, and diversity. 
You will never struggle to find things to do in Barcelona. Instead, make sure you don’t miss out on any of the perks when you visit Barcelona! 

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